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A Year of Weekly Themes - Week 6 Theme - Home!

If you are doing this challenge please comment on the post! And for more info from when I tried this last year click here and click here for explanation of part 2 at the bottom of the post!

Flickr Group for the Challenge

Week 6 Theme

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Outfit *{Junbug}* Miss Betty in Sweet Pink SLURL
Jewelry.aisling. Mon Bel Amour - Collar RARESLURL
HairMaiOwn! Farewell Marketplace
On Adar
HairBaras - Male Belted Fire ShirtMarketplace
HairApricot Paws - Echo Jeans - BlueSLURL
Pose~BAZAR~ Floria Living room PGSLURL
SimRealm of the Fae KittySLURL

Next Weeks Theme

Home, Home means so many different things to everyone. It's even different things to the same person. When I talk about going home, I'm usually meaning well, where I live 99% of the time. However home can also mean my parents house, or if I am visiting someplace "home" is where ever I am sleeping that night. Home, was also the Fairy glen at OKRF, and still is in a way. But the less said about that mess and why I had to say was the better for my heart. Home was also Steelhead in Second Life, but it's gone as well.

But there is that saying "home is where the heart is" and my heart, is always, no matter what with my Dragon, Adar. So I chose to just have us at home, relaxing, to represent home to me.

And for the sim I'm showing off. I chose, Home. My current home plot in Secondlife, the 4th incarnation of the Realm of the Fae Kitty. Where I moved after loosing Steelhead. It's still a work in progress, but if you really want to go by to use it for photos, feel free.

I didn't take a whole lot of photos, though I have all sorts of things scattered about the land, I am inviting people to visit so you can find them yourself. Feel free to explore even in the house.

All the photos I took are here The first part are what it looks like as of today, the second set of photos are what it looked like the day I moved in, to show off the wonderful landscaping that you get when you get a lot at Willowdale Estates

Aerial shot of my house and some of the land. The house is an amazing windmill tree house by LAQ SLURL And is so very customizable, and season change!!

There's way way to many items in these shots for me to give credits for everything, but if you see something you like, do feel free to ask and I will tell you exactly who it's by as soon as I can!

The land came with this water feature and the island, I turned it into a kind of, Isle of Memory and Hope. With my tree and the memorial to the cats i lave lost over 41 years of life. I want to make another bit of word art like the HOPE one that says Believe.

The entire plot is 7seas fishing enabled, here is the main fishing area though. Still have my crappy years old customs set up as well. Have yet to hold any contests..

Entry way into the house, I need to get some nice potted plants for the porch.

And a shot of the living and sitting rooms from the kitchen.

And that's my home. Do come visit!
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