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A Year of Weekly Themes - Week 7 Theme - Love!

If you are doing this challenge please comment on the post! And for more info from when I tried this last year click here and click here for explanation of part 2 at the bottom of the post!

Flickr Group for the Challenge

Week 7 Theme

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Outfits I'm cranky, lazy, and made half the shirts. All the pants are by Apricot paws. Ask if you want to know anything else. And you can't tell but they are all Lantern Corps shirts.
Pose*CS* Toast SLURL
SimRealm of the Fae KittySLURL

Next Weeks Theme

Ok, so, Adar had a schedule change at work, now hes working the same shift as Turlock. And just started the new shift this week. So it's been an adjustment of sleep schedules. And I've not been getting enough sleep, because one of my cats is missing the morning of snuggle time with Adar on the couch so wakes me up now. So add that to the weird weather in my part of the world and it makes for a cranky, tired, and coming down with something Fae Kitty.

So I'm not up to a full sim, and I'm running late. So I just took a photo, which ended up taking longer then planned as the pose was made for people with shorter arms or something.


Love. I'm sure a lot of people expected something mushy with me and Adar, but no, I am showing off love of Friends. As love comes in many forms. Romantic, friendship, family, love for your pets, love for things you enjoy. It really has a wider range then just romantic love. And I wanted to showcase that here. Turlock is my best friend, more like a brother now, and has been for a little less then I've been married to Adar. And I've known his girlfriend Chess for years and consider her an adopted sister. She's one of my Faemily, which is a term for fairy family. So this photo represents many kinds of love in my life.
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