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Yeah so..

I fell off the post a week wagon due to busy and not feeling well. I'll pick it back up in May though! I even missed my Rez day post!

However next week will be FULL of posts As Fantasy Faire starts TOMMMROW! I would be on the sims for blogger preview now taking photos except I had my monitor die and the spare one we managed to rustle up is tiny and has a weird yellow cast to it. The color I know wont effect photos but the size will. But by 4 am Thursday I will have a new monitor one way or another. Either from a friend of the house mates from work, or from the store. And with out a ren faire to go to I can be on the sims for the entire run. I can't wait to see what stunning builds await me.

So I am excited about that. A lot. Fantasy Faire is always a high point of my year, in both first and second lives. And this year I need that more then ever.

And so as I wait for my ability to step into the Faire lands to Arrive. I leave you with the shot that would have been for week 12

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