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Fantasy Faire 2016 Sim -OtherWorld

OtherWorld | SLURL | SHOPS
Sponsored by Cerridwen’s Cauldron

OtherWorldby Elicio Ember.
There are places beyond the normal realms we see with our waking eyes. They are places of gargantuan trees of life, of gentle waters flowing through glowing caves, of glittering crystal and ancient bronce. They are kingdoms that softly whisper about the eternity we all carry within us. There are lands of song and story, of leyend and wisdom, of peace and gentle growth.

Far beyond the reach of boats and trails, and always just a handspan away, always just beyond a veil, exists a place of islands and Gods, and heroes and Fae. Welcome to Otherworld.

OtherWorld also hosts the second Literary Festival, full of readings, region tours, writing prompts, stories, group discussions, and all things related to the power of the words! Literary Festival events take place on the Pavilion in OtherWorld!

Literary Festival’s Schedule

OtherWorld also features the headquarters of Fantasy Faire Radio, your soundtrack to the Fairelands! Visit FFR here!

I have not bothered to to hid my love for Elicio's builds in past Fantasy Faires and this years build by him is just as amazing as past ones. Everywhere I pointed my camera was an amazing shot. It was hard to pick the ones to highlight here! This year he has a none shopping sim, so he could go all out with the fantasy. Just a store for his own shop is on it.

This year it's a glowing jungle rock by a sea shore. Explore it well, and go underwater! He left no part undone. And it's all breathtaking. And fly up to the FaireChyld dragon boat to chill with the DJ's and other Fantasy faire folk

You can see all my photos at this link here Really, Go look! SO AMAZING!

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