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25 April 2016 @ 11:42 pm
Fantasy Faire 2016 Sim - Echtra  

Echtra | SLURL | SHOPS
Sponsored by The Lost Unicorn Gallery

Echtra (Loki Eliot)
The land is stuck in time. There is no summer nor is there any winter. There is just a grey emptiness hanging over the once busy town of Echtra and the surrounding moorland. And what of the legends that tell of a great sleeping dragon under the hill the town is built. Will the secrets of this once thriving community be revealed and if they can be discovered exactly who will awake?

Echtra is a descriptively simple looking slightly viking themed sim. But if you have materials on, it is a complex and amazing build. Loki used Sl materials perfectly to enhance this rainy sim. Just amazing. IT

It is also one of the Roleplay sims, The story by the Rickety Weasels, and you can learn more about it at this link. Also this sim and roleplay uses Second life experience tools , and you can learn more about that at this link here. Which will also catch you up on the roleplay.

You can see all my photos at this link here

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