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Fantasy Faire 2016 Sim - Sapphire Mirror Lake

Sapphire Mirror Lake | SLURL | SHOPS
Sponsored by Sanctuary

Sapphire Mirror Lake – Arts and Entertainment Sim (Haveit Neox)

On the first warm day of Spring every year, the people at Sapphire Mirror Lake reconstruct an Iron Age skeleton of what we may call today a mythical beast: the centaur. It is said the secrets of a powerful lost technology are locked in their bones. This year, they have unearthed a 20 meter high gargantuan, but will it speak?

This is the Arts and Entertainment sim of Fantasy Faire 2016, with a central stage for a variety of first-rate performances, and two galleries featuring Fantasy themed art from the collections of some of the best photographers in Second Life. The story above sets the mood for the builds of the sim, both above and below sea level. Please dive in!

Every so often you run into something that just, for no reason you can put into words, just fills you with joy and makes you happy.

This sim did that for me. I just, love it. It's like a celebration of life over death, the colorful tribal inspired people scattered about the sim just make me smile looking at them. They are having the time of their life and you just want to join in on that.

Which you can in a way as this is the Arts and Entertainment sim, and has a stage for shows. There is a schedule on the link here. And this year there is a WIDE range of shows to watch!

I had such a hard time picking what photos to highligt in this post for you. So there's a few more then normal, you can see the rest here

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