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Fantasy Faire 2016 Sim - Dangarnon

Dangarnon | SLURL | SHOPS
Sponsored by Death Row Designs

Dangarnon (Jaimy Hancroft/Eowyn Swords)
Villains roam the cobbled streets of a fallen Andolys where evil rolled in and blotted out the light. Skeletons of what once was are all that remain. Rotting and crooked the stone houses and towers are a sad reflection of their former glory. Darkness hangs over the land like a heavy blanket suffocating any ray of light. But even here, in all this blackness a shimmer of hope has managed to hide and survive, a tiny piece of what once was this magical place still lives within these dead walls. Perhaps all is not lost yet…

If you don't remember Andolys it was my favorite sim from last year and you can read about it here. Dangarnon continues the story of this fairy tale land, which sadly has not reaced a happy ending....yet. While you explore its crowded crooked streets click the things! There is so much to find in this sim. All tucked away into corners or back alleys. And a few right in the open.

It's an amazing interactive sim. Doesn't make me squee like a small child like last years Disney inspired Andolys did, but its quite a build.

It's also still part of the Sanutary Rp. Which will tell you the story of what happened to the city. You can learn more about it at this link here.


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