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Fantasy Faire 2016 Sim - Bright Haven

Bright Haven | SLURL | SHOPS
Sponsored by KittyCatS!

Bright Haven (Kilik Lekvoda)
A fairytale market town brimming with wonder, happiness and magic. A stroll down the cobble streets might see you breaking out in song accompanied by your woodland friends.

So, at one point while exploring this bright lil town, I made some unholy squealing sounds, flailed about in my chair and scared the cat sitting on my desk. I will show you why in the photos.

The town itself, is lovely change of pace from all the darker Fantasy Faire sims, Bright colors, Pinwheels, and a happy mood just emit from the build. I loved it.

You can see all my photos of it here.

And the above photo is the reason for the squealing. The Sim sponsor, KittyCatS Relay offering is a FAIRY CAT! THAT LOOKS LIKE ME! *FLAILS*

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