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11 April 2008 @ 07:59 pm

I went flying about while stuff was being reset or whatever Linden Labs was doing today and you couldn't teleport easily or do..much more then talk and move about the area you where in. And found that YES there is land to rent on IoW, even better they have adjoining plots!

I left the controls up so you could see the boundary lines

I snagged a bunch of notecards for the areas I took a liking for. Oh I'm so excited!!

Lesse other stuff. The cathedrals been covered in Hatchies of late. It's rather cute. And its why I went and made a cookie.

Adar and I got to spend some time on IoW together. The place was nearly empty though. So we took a seat and just chilled I'm not sure why he HOVERED over his seat. And his hat still amuses me.

Out of curiosity I went to the Drum circle on Iow, and had a bit of fun even though I was alone. How? I danced!! their Dance animation thingy has much nicer looking dances then the ones you get default or whatever.

yeah it looks a bit goofy when frozen but it looked nice when I was moving.

And then just a little while ago, I was poking about a store getting ideas for if I get the land on IoW and found a lounge chair that had a READING poseball.

So out came the Belle clothing and tada!!

I had to do some creative editing cause I forgot to turn off the option that shows the controls after taking the shot of the land. Also I changed my hair. STILL looking for some decent Belle hair.

And now I'm going to go see what this thing going on at IoW is right now, and then bed. Stuff to do tomorrow!!

Oh and I now have a notecard script on the house. So if you stop by and I don't answer the bell but it says I'm online, drop me a card!

I really need to get someone to deliberately ring the bell while I'm in the house so I can tell it's sound from the sounds of Adar's Trillian.
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Current Music: Rumple and Tempi being noisy pests