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With hope in your heart

I'm sitting here trying to figure out how to wrap up my posts for this Fantasy Faire. It's easy to forget in all the fun, fantasy and shopping why we are doing this.

But Monday night, during the faire, I was told some news that made it all hit home.

A friend of mine from the Mischief Managed sim told me that they had learned the previous Friday that their father had been diagnosed with stage 4 liver cancer. And i had to sit there, and just think, and realize, that is why we do this. So no one ever again has to be told things like that. So that one day we will find a cure. And until then people like my friend have a place to turn to for help if they need it.

It's for him and his family that we raised L$ 7,378,209 ($ 29,513) in funds. It's for people like my darling friends at OKRF that are going through breast cancer right now. It's even for my best friend's mothers dog that has cancer.

And its for my friend, Chase, that I dedicate all the posts I made this year for Fantasy Faire to. We haven't been friends long, but, in what ever way I can manage to be their for you, know I will be.

And for now, I say good by to the Faire sims, and turn my gaze to Relay Weekend in July. Where I will Relay for him, for his Father, for my family, for anyone I know who has been affected by cancer in one way or another.

Till then....
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