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21 February 2009 @ 02:34 am
Welcome to my Fairy Land!  

Surl to Realm of the Fae Kitty

Time to start the tour of my land! Grab some tea and a snack and settle back. Lots to see behind the cut. In fact open the cut in another tab and let it load while you read another page for a bit. There's 74 HUGE images behind this sucker. No I'm not kidding.

I'll TRY to keep the text in this post about the photo below it. I know I keep switching between if its talking about above or below in my posts but this time I'll try to keep it constant.

My land has a kinda L shape to it. Sadly due to the sheer amount of trees and other stuff on the entire sim the place can be a bit laggy at times. especially if you get a lot of folk on it at once. Like for Fishing tourneys. It's getting better with each new Release candidate viewer though.

So we'll get started at the "entrance" to my land. The Willowdale estates all have lovely paths or waterways to divide them up. And when its a path there's an entrance with your name on a sign! I think its a lovely touch.


The first thing you see when you enter is a HUGE purple flowered tree. Well two trees really that have  grown in the shape of a heart. There's a swing in the middle!

The path kinda peters out right next to the tree. I didn't want to use up the prims to make it longer. Didn't have the right textures anyway. The path is part of the stuff that "came with the land". Which was mostly trees, but also this fabulous pond and waterfall. I took two shots as I realized from the lighting that the sun was setting. So I forced it to midday. Figured I'd show the lighting differences. Secondlife can really give you some fabulous lighting.

Here's a few other shots of my by the pond. Also I have to say I have mad insane love for the hair style I'm using. It was free from calico's during the greatest Love hunt. The roses are part of it! And they sit just perfectly behind my ears. And they are color and texture changeable. The hair resized so well as well. Just one tug, a bit of moving around and a little fussing with the side strands and it fit perfect. No repeated messing and positioning like i normally have to do.

The waterfall is right next to a set of stairs, that also came with the land, and my fishing area. Here's a full pulled back shot of it and the heart tree, my magic purple tree and a bit of the fishing area.

And here is what is the most popular area of my land. The fishing dock! I can count on having at least one person come by to fish per day, if not more.

If I ever get off my tail to make more customs I bet I'd get even more as well.

If you touch the fire you get either a hot-dog on a stick or a marshmallow on a stick to roast.

I've got my custom server up, the Bounty Hunt Contest board, the local leader board, contest board and a vendor.

We go up the stairs now to reach my infamous big pink tree. I took the opportunity to pull out a fairy pose I picked up at..  Charming poses I believe it is and use it. It comes with the poseball and the ball I'm holding. I'd leave it up if I knew how to make it give out a ball to those wanting to pose.

We'll go to the house later, lets take a right turn and go to the fairy circle. But first! Tread softly! Fairies at play!

I love that sign.

And here is the fairy circle. A huge mushroom dance circle! The mushroom in the middle plays music if you click it. there's a temp fairy rezzor under it, as well as flying dance balls above it. Around it is a fairy dance circle. Just click to dance!

There's three different dances in the circle.

As you could see the candle shrine is near the mushroom circle

As are my two peacocks! Oh several of the large mushrooms can  be sat on.


Turning around now you see first my vast yard of Roses! Hidden in it is a waltz dance set. And fluttering around it are my two hummingbirds.

Here's what the house looks like at night.

And the mushroom circle.

Now for a closer look at the house. Due to trees and angles this is the best I could get with out getting leaves in the way. The items in front of the fence are Mine, Adar's and Turlock's online indicator mushrooms. And my exstreet box server. Only way I have to sell anything right now with no store.

Inside the fence are one of my harps. A bird house, a bird bath, lots of flowers and my teacup planter with Columbine in it.

The house is called the Faery garden cottage and you can see why! It's got fairies scattered about the garden!

And my mailbox has a birds nest in it.


Some shots of the inside. Didn't get anything new for it really. Just used old stuff that went well.

The upstairs. The walls are kinda transparent with leaves painted on them. But one way transparent!

I used my first bed since it fit better and looked nicer.

oh and that black thing in the middle is a dragon. I have a dragon rezzor near the house that sends these cute dragons flying about.

The awesome chandelier in the bedroom.


Now to head back outside. Here's me sitting in one of my trees. A lot of my newer trees have sit poses and stuff in them. This one has small pink flowers and lights in it too.

Night shot t show off the lights.

Two trees, my swing and another dragon. The blue egg thing is what makes the dragons.

Down the hill, we'll get to the gazebo later..

I have a nice cozy cuddle log and pillows, next to a fountain that plays chimes randomly. It's awesome. And my pond with swans of course. Those are always a MUST have.

One of my newer trees.

Close up of me sitting at the base, with the butterflies.

Relaxing in my "talking chestnut tree" Yes that's what it's called. It has bird sounds in it, and a crow and candles someplace. Behind it is my Whitehart fountain.

Heee..my magic hugging apple tree. yes your seeing it right there's a face. And if you get close enough the tree WILL hug you. You cal also sit in its branches. It drops apples as well, but you can't do anything with those.

Another shot of my fountain and chestnut tree.

Sitting on my happy stump near my elemental altar.

Speaking of which, here it is again.

Relaxing n the tree near the altar.

I think this pose is just so cute.

My small cave. Yes I know it makes NO sense for it to be there, but its there for a reason. one I think its neat looking and two...

Inside it is my fae dragon egg. I should have turned it to show off the flowers on it better for this shot.

You can just make it out behind the waterfall.

Up the hill from the cave you first reach my Fae gossiping area. Three seats around a table.

ANd into another tree I go! This one is the one that has the fae brewery in it. Touch it and you get a drink that'll give you a real good buzz!

and now..we turn to my baby...my tea party area!


*glees* Oh how much I love these guys. They make me smile so much.

And those bunnies I've seen about i love? I HAVE them now! LOOOTTTSS of cute bunnies.

Now for the tea party in the gazebo. I love this thing its just perfect. Only part i'd change is ditching the flat statue image, but its no mod so I can't.

One of Several shots of the table. Most of the food on it is click and it gives you something.

Cept the cake. I should fix that. I have a really Lovely cake with butterflies on it, but its so primmy. I should make my own butterfly cake that matches better and gives out cake.

Oh and mome raths..gotta watch out for them.

At christmas i had a few different items out that had a christmas theme. I might put out some easter stuff soon.

I wish my wings didn't stick out of the chair like this.

OH and I have cute birdies! They come from the same place as the bunnies. They CHIRP.

Now we go back down the hill to the bottom of the L part of my land. On the other side of the cave and house. We have a big tree with poses from the same place as the bunnies.  Oh and more bunnies.

Adar and I put our horse out. I love the sounds they make. Though you can barely see Violet Skies. Adar's not named his poor fire horsey yet.


My fae gathering tent. SO many things to sit on and click to get drinks.

The one with the book is broken. It SHOULD give a book on touch to read while sitting there, but it doesn't . Need to see if I can get that fixed. The book is totally not in the item at all.

This shot was originally taken to just show off the crystal tree, but it gives a nice shot of the big hallow tree and the tree with the sits on it as well.

Bunnies next to the hallow tree!

Me relaxing inside the tree.

Looking out from the tree.

More Mome Raths!

The swirly mist things. And the Quest for the fae area. It's been all set up. You might have even spotted a few items in my photos!

The area here has tall trees and big flowers and some special mushrooms. And a magic fountain.

On one of the special mushrooms. This ones called daydream.

Brushing my hair. It gives you a brush if you click it.

Meditation mushroom.

And another harp! It plays music too. ANd i need to fix the  placement of that item to the right...its floating and it shouldn't.

The magical fountain, a birdie and more mome raths!

Back view of the tree.

My last tree to show off. It's all sparkly and shimmery and yes you can perch on a branch.

The water that divides my land from the central hub to the rest of the sim.

And that was my fairy land. I hope you enjoyed the tour. Feel free to stop by any time. Just check the mushrooms in front of the house. if one's BRIGHT pink I'm in world. Feel free to message me with a hello. Or leave me mail in the mail box.

Questions? Feel free to ask! Want to see more detail on something? Ask! Want to know where I got something Ask!

Coming soon...photos from the new walking tour hud in Babbage and the Disneyword Sim I was shown the other day.

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Lady Wolfsong: colored pentacleladywolfsong on February 21st, 2009 04:30 pm (UTC)
very pretty....this land has more of a pretty and fae feel than your other land...I found your last land more spiritual, and I personally liked it better. I felt at peace there. Not saying I don't like this though!