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28 February 2009 @ 11:27 pm
Babbage walking tour..  
So I did a personal test run of the New Babbage walking tour hud recently. Took photos as I went along of course, here they are with a bit of commentary. I'll do a sum up of my thoughts about the whole tour as well.

You start the tour at the Barber shop in Wheatstone waterways *surl*

You click the red sign and get your hud then attach it. I've shown what it looks like, its down in the bottom left of the pictures. This also shows the sign you click on to get it.

The hud uses a kinda "hot/cold" system to find places. Can be a pain but it works, sorta.  If you have NO idea what the place your looking for its possible to walk right past them. I discovered about four stops in that there s TINY sign to look for. WHich if textures haven't rezzed fully yet is hard to spot. Maybe have the markers be more prominent? Larger and on a pole ALA American Historical place markers.

The hud currently has three tours on it, a shops, a places of interest and one for both. All combined there's 10 spots on it. Scattered over Babbabe but mostly in Babbage Square.

First stop was Kiergarten Plaza in Wheatstone. I got a bit turned around in the streets so just gave in and flew the way the hud told me. I did that a LOT in fact.  It was easier for me, and I'm winged so, flying made sense.

The plaza is not exactly something I'd call remarkable.  I'd love for there to be something to click to get notecards on the places. Unless there already IS and I just never bothered to click the  marker sign and find that out myself.


That was the only stop in Wheatstone, Next place was waayyy over in Babbage Square, Cleanslates Emporium. Which isn't open yet.

Next stop City Hall! Also in the square and in fact right across the street.

Big long shot, its a tall building.

Inside it's full of gears and clockworks. I know there are other floors but I have no idea how to get up to them other then fly.


So I flew and stood on the roof, set my draw as far as I can make it and let things rez..

Landed and noticed folk around back. They where making the stand for Mayor Tenk's inauguration.

Next stop was the post office, one of them anyway. The one I DIDN't know about! The others in Babbage Palisade. Anyway. I nearly didn't find this one. I had no clue what I was looking for and textures weren't rezzing fully. In fact I passed it according to the hud and so had to go back to find it. This is the main reason why I think the markers should be easier to spot.

After finding the post office I had to go BACK to the area where the City hall and Emporium where at. To find the Electric Theater, which is right next to the Emporium.  Stuff like this happened a few times on the tour in fact.

This is one thing that bugged me about the tour, which I hope will be fixed in later versions. I've done a lot of RL walking tours in my time and on those we'd not go to one item, go streets away to another one, then come back to a place right next door to someplace we'd already been to.

The theater's a rather neat looking building, I hear its had some changes made to it recently to line it up better with the sidewalks.

*sings* MIIDDDNNIIGGHHTTTTT not a sound from the Paaavveeemmeennttt...

What you expect opera?

Is anything ever shown in the theater?

While playing about in the theater someone outside started setting off fireworks

Back inside.

I vaguely remember someone saying something was in the basement of the theater, but I found no basement to speak of. Maybe its a different theater.


Now for a side trip to my taking the tour. Darian and Ambrose showed up as I was on my way to the next stop, the train station. Ambrose had a new toy he wanted to show off. A steampunk transport ship. So we hopped in for a ride.

Landing issues where had..

So since I was IN the water anyway I switched to my mer form and Darian and went for a bit of a swim in the Vernian sea.

His diving suit cracks me up btw..his muzzle sticks out the front.

I got this shot totally by accident when panning about to find the whale in the sea. However I think its an awesome shot.


Darian had to go, so I got dressed again and went back to the tour. Train station in Babbage Square!

A really nice part of the tour hud is you can take it off and start it back up whenever you want. It'll still point you to the next place on the list where you left off.

Anyway, back to the train station. its huge. And now has trolleys!

That's not a giant area of nothing, well it IS but it's supposed to be. It's the stockyard, IE the sandbox for Babbage Residents.

After the train station its on to BlakOpal Designs Eridu Society

I have no idea what the Eridu Society is. But BlakOpal is a store with lovely lovely things. I have a couple of their women's outfits.

Really should haul Adar to it to get him SOMETHING other then the Indiana Jones outfit.



After Black opal its time for a bit of a walk, erm flight for me ..back past the train station, to Arcania Adventure Supply Co. in Palisade.


After there its a short jaunt past the cafe to Her Dark Materials

Very wide open build.


And a tank...

Now we go back to the street Black Opal's on to the Steam Powered Tree house. There's a known bug in the hud where it doesn't tell you how to get to the last stop. It's being worked on..but maybe an easy fix would be to have the true last stop be the place you start the tour on. That way you know where its at already.


The sign cracks me up


And that's the first tour!

It was fun if frustrating at times. Mostly when I had to walk back to area's I had already been at to get to new stops. That possibly could already be fixed since new markers have been added.

I'd love to see a full walking tour of each sim myself. Taking you all over it with notecards to tell you about the major locations. There's sooo many buildings I'd like to know more about in each sim. The notecard that came with the hud said a limit of 5 or 6 stops per tour but as long as the locations where in a logical order I'd not mind more.

Can't wait to take another tour once it's been updated!

I still need to make a good Babbage Icon...

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Fae kitty of Roses and Columbine, on Secondlifesoftpaw_sommer on March 1st, 2009 05:58 am (UTC)
Bob does both.

well he did before he screwed up and now isnt allowed to touch wow.

If it helps SL is free to download and play, you CAN pay for stuff in it but lots get by on freebies.
ceejay_writer on March 3rd, 2009 05:40 pm (UTC)
I get by on mostly freebies... really! :D

Fun tour! A couple of comments. There IS another theater downtown, next to Loki's Absinthe. It's got many mysteries inside. *grin*

I could see my house! Well, my loft, inside Her Dark Materials. And that tank's name is "Mother". Really!

I too think the plaques should be bigger so those not familiar with town can easily find them.
Fae kitty of Roses and Columbine, on Secondlifesoftpaw_sommer on March 4th, 2009 10:43 am (UTC)
I haven't found the Absinthe parlor yet. It wasn't on the tour! *grins*
ceejay_writer on March 4th, 2009 06:46 pm (UTC)
Oh, Loki DEFINTELY needs to add a waymarker to the Absinthe parlor, and the theater next door does too! Those are historical builds that go way back in Babbage's history! Time for some harassing in the ning, methinks!