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I am back..

I hope

Last year I went through some, hard times. Lotta crap, lost my post at OKRF, lost our house, had to move, had to stya with a friend for a month and half. It was bad. I was depressed. Only thing that kept me going was Roleplay on Mischeif managed a sim I found last year after Alan Rickman died. Made my first human avatar on a new account as student, then a few months later made yet ANOTHER account to play a Teacher as well. And now I am ooc sim staff!

But that place kept me from going totally into a bad place. The friends I have made there are many and I love it. I am forever grateful to it.

But I did fall back out of sim exploring while struggling to not get depressed. Other then Relay related events I did do one sim, even doing the Christmas shots was hard.. A totally amazing LEA sim telling the story of the Last Unicorn. and I utterly regret not blogging it when I went to it as it's gone now but so beautiful. It was very interactive as well. And the scripting for some of the areas was amazing. I especially love how they did the midnight carnival,a ghostly fade over of each animal appeared showing what Mummy Fortuna made people see. Really was worth it. I hope the artist does another story this year. I will so go! The main reason I made sure to go to this sim is the Last Unicorn is a speical book to me. It is one of those ones that shaped my childhood, and a few years ago I had the privilege of meeting and getting to spend a morning chatting with its author Peter Beagle in the living room of a friends house.

Here's a few teaser shots. I'll toss some more on my flicker and you can see all my photos at the link above

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BUT, I am going to work on doing better now. And of course in a little over a month and a half we have FANTASY FAIRE coming up! I'll make another post tomorrow about that. So excited!
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