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25 March 2009 @ 05:09 am
Photo dump! again!  
So..photo dump time!

Mostly Chakryn and Babbage. But also a bit of fishaversey, Avaria, and some randomness.

Starting with a bit of randomness!

Adar and I snuggling in the gathering tent near the big tree on my land.

Now onto Avaria for a bit of cow care.

And..this guy, it was a person. I have NO CLUE what the heck he's supposed to be. He was with another odd person who moved WAY to fast for me to get a shot of them. But what I could tell they had just a solid black torso surrounded by a black cloud particle and crawled about on their hands. It was freaky!

Now to Charkyn forest. There's a new quest! And other new stuff about. I haven't finished the quest yet its tricky. You have to find six colored balls. I've found five.

This is the quest base. its up on the mountain.

And this is a new thing! an island tucked up in a corner. It's got a flower filled cave on it.

And here's some of the current items scatted about the forest.

Now onto new Babbage. I flew over to Tiny Tin to look at him better. Never really messed around on him or gone inside.

Not going inside changed as SOON as i spotted this inside him.

TINY TIN HAS A MUSHROOM CIRCLE INSIDE HIM! *dies* Omg that made my day.


Oh and here is a shot of my teahouse. right after I got done with the building. So its still WAAAYYY up in the air. Yes its a big glass greenhouse with a teapot on top! I love it.

And here's the doors. I am so fond of my the stained glass in those doors. It's a pattern I found online ages ago. You can make a real version if you knew how. I took it into PSP and had fun!  I'm still working on the garden inside it so no shots of that till I'm totally done. It IS on the ground now and people have gone into it.

The next shots are from the weekend in babbage when the Airships attacked and dropped Dr O's Anti magical beings bombs. Darian gives a good sum up of it on the Ning. Among other post about the weekend. I wasn't there for the start of it as I was busy with Whitehart. So I said I was blocked from entering Babbage. I DID go in and take photos. but "no one saw me I'm not really here" *grins*

The big glowy thing is one of the bombs. This is one they had at the courthouse.

One of the Airship Pirates, being guarded by Jaegers.

One of the bombs landed RIGHT next to my Teahouse. Which is right next to Mara's house. We're both magical beings so I do NOT think this is a coincidence at all :P

Darian, Ambrose, Moses and Penelope all came to try to take it out. Bless them.

I love this shot I managed to take of Nel.

And then shortly after the bomb thing...there was a RAPTOR loose in babbage. Thankfully it spoke dragon!

Ok done with Babbage stuff! Onto the 7seas fishaversry stuff. It had its one year anniversary early this march and rented a whole sim for a weekend long party! I only made it for one day though.

There was one central island and then other smaller ones from various fishing locations set around. SOOOO many customs! You could cast and catch 10 fish at once in some places.


Took Darian by IOW during the Spring hatching. They didn't do a whole lot about the isle to change it. IT was more low keyed unlike the Winter Hatching.

But they heads are all done up!

And the stargate in front of the Cathedral is working now. And he found a Stargate Command Center. It's very well done! I plan to go back for more photos later with Adar.


And that's it for now. Really REALLY hope to have my new land and the teahouse finished by my rez day.

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