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Fantasy Faire 2017 Sim - The Spirit Pool

Sponsored by The Lost Unicorn Gallery.

The Spirit Pool  by Kayle Matzerath.
Since the beginning of time, The Spirit Pool has served as a resting place for weary adventurers and lingering souls that are not quite yet ready to cut their ties to the physical realm. Mermaids and other seafolk use the pool for gatherings and a constant flow of visitors keep it a popular place for trading.

All my photos of the sim are at this link

There are very few times, even with as amazing and breath taking as the Fantasy Faire Sims are. That one makes me say something out loud with how jaw dropping it is.

The Spirit Pool would be one of those few sims. First time I panned into it I just had to gasp and go WOW at the screen. Seeing the ginormous sandstone goddess just appear into my view with the sun right behind her head. Awestruck. Just awestruck. The way the statues arms open wide and envelope the buildings below, its like she's saying. Welcome to the Spirit Pool, I will ease your burdens, Rest now traveler in my healing waters.

Spirit Pool is one of the sims hosting Roleplay in it. You can learn more about it at this link

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