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Fantasy Faire 2017 Sim - Kakushi Pasu

Sponsored by Sanctuary RP Community.

Kakushi Pasu by Lokii Violet.
The Literary Festival and the Silent Auction take place here. This is also where our beloved dragon-ship The FaireChylde is docked for the DJ parties.

All of my photos of this sim can be seen at this link here

This sim, is just a stunningly beautiful masterpiece. A breathtaking Japanese water garden, Everywhere you look is lovely. Floating sky lanterns, candles on the water, the waterfall that the FaireChylde is parked over. Just, I love this sim.

No shops but LOADS to do, follow the links above to learn more. This is also where you'd vote for King, Queen and Chancellor of the faire.

My Money is on a certain Princess turned General being voted Queen. Just to add to her titles..

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