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30 March 2009 @ 04:41 pm
Isle of Wyrms is going to have.....A FAE FLING!!!

IOW Board post

Isle of Wyrms Fae Fling
This is a preliminary announcement with some details to be filled in later.

The Isle of Wyrms Presents the Fae Fling, a Spring Homage to the Fae Dragons, the Faery folk, and the Wee ones of the Isles, and our many friends in Second Life.

The theme, quite naturally is Spring, flowers, the Fae and all their lovely colors and mystical life. As with all natural forces there is dark with light and the dark fae, and their kin are just as welcome to come celebrate.

Opening on Friday the 17th of April at 11AM SLT with a Dance, and either a concert or a DJ. The festivities will be including at this time {with wriggle room for changes} A Wyrmling Queen of the Fae pagent where any member of the Isles, that owns a Wyrmling Fae, may compete for the title and prize of Queen of the Fae. More information on that later.

the Isles decor is being handled by the Citizens Construction Team Managers who are working with Isle members to create stuff for the event and the Isles in general. Mayor Mom is the head hard hat for that.

There is also planned an Isle wide hunt and a goodies auction, so any donations for the event should be directed to IOWEvents Magic and a note to Bea. The Closing event will be a concert and Faery Ball with Grace McDunnough at 1 PM SLT on Sunday.

More details to follow.

Why yes I am a bit excited about this. As one of the few Full time Fae Dragons about. I shall be doing my best to take full part!

Mmmm..yes must make several mushrooms..and pretty up my Fae Wyrmling..I have been inspired to give myself some Fae jewelry, vines and flowers and the like.

Oh yes..this shall be fun!

Report on the state of the Realm and something new I'm going to be trying later. Just all excited about the Fae Fling right now!!

*hint* the something new involves chickens..
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