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02 April 2009 @ 07:15 am
Cheep Cheep Cheep!  
I have chickens!!

*click for larger*

I recently discovered sionChickens in world. So cute! You hatch them, feed them, and eventually they will grow up and breed and lay more eggs that you can then SELL. Yeah you have to keep buying the food. But I look at it like you have to keep buying the bait to catch the good fish with 7seas. And its not as expensive as some folk think. You get four bowls and three eggs with the starter set and then you can buy it in sets of four later for 240L. How long that lasts depends on how many chickens you have.

The eggs hatch in either 10 mins for original eggs from the starter set. Or two hours if you buy laid eggs from others.

These chickens are just amazing. Like nature you have a 50/50 chance of getting hens or roosters. And then you can breed the birds together to make Different colored chickens! And then you can sell those eggs. Right now I have two blues, a red, and a green from the basic colors. And a breed Purple and a rose one I bought separately.

You can find all sorts of coops and other accessories folk have made for the chickens. But I made my own chicken yard and coop. Mushroom and flower themed! I have photos of those behind the cut! And more babbling about the chickens.

One thing about these chickens is they are physical and CAN be stepped on and killed. So you have to be careful with them. I have mine all pinned in a pretty coop area. Unless people start messing with them then I'll put a big invisible hallow box over it. Apparently there are groups of folk out there that go around killing chickens.

My yard. See mushroom coops! And you can see the nests with eggs in them. The big mushroom thing in the top left corner will eventually be my version of this thing I hope anyway. It's a work in progress. Unless I get annoyed and just get the item I'm basing it on. Even though it doesn’t match the rest of my chicken area.

My first egg down! A red one. I ended up putting down two blue ones as well. The starter set has random selection of red green or blue eggs.

Ten mins later Baby Chickens! Aren't they cute!

With a bit of the shell left, it fades away after it hatches.

The Chick from the Red egg. It..well it died at hatching from a genetic deficit. At least that’s what the text said. Poor lil thing. A nice person in the chicken group I joined gave me another one. That hatched just fine.

The rose egg. I had to buy it! I mean come on a ROSE chicken!

All the chicks from the first hatching ended up being female.

Here's a shot of the yard with chickens and eggs.

I reposted this to explain how I carefully did this. I used a pose I had already, and carefully selected a chicken and kept it selected while positioned in my hand to get this shot. Then I carefully put it back on the ground.

And I really, really love the way the shot ended up!

Another shot of the yard. I put the middle fence in after I got two Roosters. There’s now also a third one that divides the back half into half again. Since I need up with three roosters. I don’t think they will fight at this young ages but they WILL when they are bigger.

I've heard some people, just like in real life..hold cock fights. Blech.

OH and I created sionchickenfarm as well!

And that’s the chickens! I'm also almost done messing with my land. I think I may toss down a few more 1 prim trees or flowers and then take photos of the new areas. I love how it turned out!

Also I finely got my Avaria icon! as well as a chicken one I still haven't gotten a shot with JUST the right outfit and JUST the right pose and JUST the right location for a Babbage icon. I might do a tea icon as well.

Other then the chickens today I popped over to IOW and joined in the Fae Crown making Class. They are having a contest to make the crown for the person that gets made Fae Queen at the Fae Fling. I love how mine turned out. But I made it HUGE and it didn't resize down much at all. I plan to redo it to proper size. Pulling out a copy of my Fae Dragon head as a guide.

Need to get to work on dressing up my Fae Dragon as well. Vines and flowers and all sorts of fae things for me to wear! *glees* And I need to make some mushrooms for the fling as well.

And I'm doing the Bunny Hop Hunt. AND I'll be doing the Gone Fishing hunt!

Busy Busy Fae Kitty!
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