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06 April 2009 @ 09:53 am
Everything is back how it should be. I figured out a fast fix, by mass lowering the land about three feet. Till everything that was covered was uncovered and at the level it SHOULD have been. THen I just had to lower down everything that was to high to start with. ANd lowering the chicken coops.

Honestly If it wasn't for that the stuff on TOP of the hill was higher then it should be I'd have thought I just accidentally raised the whole land mass at once when editing the hill for the coops. As at a closer look the land itself WAS about three feet higher then it should have been. But that stuff on the hill higher then it should be just has me BAFFLED. Why was that stuff not buried in three feet of ground but instead was floating about half a foot off it? That's the real mystery there.

But everything fixed, more or less. I might have a few floating plants but I can get those fixed later. I belive I'm about ready to start taking photos soon. To show the changes.
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