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19 April 2018 @ 11:36 am
Fantasy Faire 2018 Sim -Fairelands Junction  

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OutfitDaisy Dress *PURPLE* by Caverna Obscura SLURL
NecklaceBalderdash - Bit of Hope Necklace (c/m)SLURL
NecklaceKM Dash of Hope Fairy Dust RFL 1SLURL
Hair.:EMO-tions.. *CALANIA* - SLURL
SimFairelands Junction SLURL


SO ready for this. The sims are stunning and the shopping is gonna be great! I've got my posting schedule worked out to account for leaving for Renaissance faire of the Ozarks tomorrow and I have a day to spare! BOOYAH!!

I am as usual, showing off my base Fantasy faire exploration outfit in this post. Since the Fairelands Junction has no stores on it. All windlights you see in the photos I take are the sim wind lighting, As will be with all the sims.

Sponsored by The Lands of Luth.

Fairelands Junction by Saiyge Lotus.
Fairelands Junction hosts portals to all the other sims as well as the Memorial Area. Do not rush out of the Junction, find your way through its paths in exploration!

To see all my photos click this link here

Saiyge has given us an amazing underwater Junction and its so pretty. Follow the sparkling path about the underwater caverns to find all the things in the sim, including a return of the Wordlings! I think my favorite plant underwater this year is these glowing pearls in ferns.

And then up top of the water you have gently rocking gondola's and towering rock formations which house the memory candles. Each rock also has dangling glass jewels to sparkle in the sun. And the center point of it all, up top, is a light house sending out a beacon of hope to everyone touched by Cancer. You can access it underwater via a staircase.

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Current Music: The Baltimore Consort - La Rocque 'n' Roll - Popular Music of Renaissance France - Frais et gaillard [3J2] (Fantasy Faire Radio ~ by Radio Riel)