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Fantasy Faire 2018 Sim - Severina

Sponsored by BattleBeast Breedables.

Severina by Lokii Violet.
From the mists, the village peeks from beneath it’s blanketing shadow, spires that reach to the heavens for salvation that never comes.. It’s spoken only as a myth to some, where creatures of the darkness hold dominion over the very light itself to swaddle the island in the goddess of the night’s sway. Severina sings like a siren’s call, beckoning the wayward travelers from their domiciles; stray not too far without a lantern, and raise your glass and tip your hat to the ferryman, for he may be the last one that sees you to that good rest if you don’t make it to the next night.

All my photos of this sim are at This link here

And from the brightness of the Story Well into the darkness of Severina we go. This sim is Gothic beauty at its finest, even the sea is purple. The harbor is guarded by sentinels high on lighted towers looking down while the buildings loom along the edges. Dark trees and glowing faces dot about as if watching your every move.

But even in the darkness there is light and hope, as can be found by a memorial of candles in some caves at the end of the harbor. This is a sim full of stories waiting to be found...go look for them!

This sim hosts the RP group Sanctuary and has an ongoing story line with it Learn more here

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