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Fantasy Faire 2018 sim - The Willows of Nienna

Sponsored by Titans & Solarium.

The Willows of Nienna  by Kilik Lekvoda.
Willows weep into the waters of time poured out by Nienna, the Lady of Compassion, who rules this land, a place of rest where travelers come to find comfort in grief. Here in her tranquil garden of tears, Nienna teaches the endurance of the spirit and the power of hope and time to heal.

All my photos of this sim can be seen at this link here

This sim is just, calming. You can sit for hours among the willows on the banks of the water and just, feel so at peace. It has a simplistic but regale beauty to it. The focal point of it all is the goddess statue spilling water out of a bowl as if to calm you with the sound.

It's a welcoming sim. Just find a spot and relax in it.

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