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Fantasy Faire 2018 sim - Tiny Town

Sponsored by Jinx.

Tiny Town by Kayle Matzerath.
Welcome to Tiny Town! Tiny Capital since the dawn of tiny time! All the Waffles you eat came from here. All those things you say “awwr!!! so cute” to, were born here and all the colors you know of were here before anyone ever saw them!
For this special occasion Tiny Town opens the door to their world… Or in the case of those biggies they just blew a hole in the wall. Tiny Town welcomes everyone big or small, winged or finned! Rivvrdanz with us all night!

All my photos of this sim can be seen at this link here

Tiny Town is the most adorable place on the entire grid and if you do not agree with this THEN YOU ARE WRONG. A home for those cute lil critters that many people chose to play, many are scattered about the town doing tiny things. There is of course waffles, and wootjuice and just, all over cuteness. I love the paint splattered parchment look that the buildings walls have . All the bits and bobs from other sims the builder has made for Fantasy faire, like the balloons and the pennants.

The castle in the center and the windmills add more whimsy to the already whimsical sim. This is just a place to go to feel good.

There are tiny's scattered about the town and a big group of them you can pose with as well! Most of the shops sell tiny related things and there is even a free one you can get at the hub if you want to walk about the town in style!

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