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Fantasy Faire 2018 sim - Tiny Town - Creators

Click here for a list of all the stores on Tiny Town with SLURL's to their main stores and to the sim I will not be posting SLURL's individually, as you can get them all at this handy link. If you need one for an item I have on that is NOT at Fantasy fair, and that will mostly be hair and poses, Ask for it! I'll be happy to tell you, but I am trying to highlight the Fantasy Faire exclusive items, or items by FF vendors only.

As said before Tiny Town is THE place for Tiny avatars! So many shops focused on them! I had a few outfits that fit my normal avatar then went...what the heck and switched to several full tiny avatars, One of which is FREE at the hubs and the other is also at every hub not just on Tiny Town!

Lets start with one of my fav shots here. This is set up on the sim so you to can get your photo taken with all these tinies! And in it I am wearing the Aquitaine Gown by Little to large which is just a lovely colorful gown that fit in well with the colors of Tiny Town. I paired it with !Lyrical B!zarre's - Histrya Necklace & Crown which are elegant items and come in a few metals and stone colors you can see a close up here

the other dress is by Jenara called Darla and it is a sweet short lil thing and the hud comes with a LOT of colors and patterns to chose from. I've got with me two gacha items from Yoaki's Dragon Dust Gacha the - Flower Dragon and Baby dragon So very cute!

Now onto the FULL avatars! First up is the ADORABLE Mercat avatar by Tiny Inc, This comes with sooo many options, for color, tops, tailfins glitters...just so highly customizable! I went with pink of course. And it comes with an AO so you can go for a nice swim with out getting a secondary mermaid AO.

Next up is one of the avatars you can get at any hud in the fairelands Titan's Cheer Dragon. Its an avatar version of the dragon that goes with you on the faire quest! Very cute and a fun way to remember the quest.

And lastly here we have a TOTALLY FREE full tiny avatar by Titan's. Called the Minkie it is also available at every sim hub!

And lastly some rez items. Here we have just a few of the many lovely garden items by Adorably Strange Wares in their Lost Forest Collection and Void arts Candle holder for the faire!
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