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14 April 2009 @ 03:47 am
Well tonight was an...interesting night on Second Life. I was badly greifed for the first time EVER.

I logged on for what I thought would be a quick bit to upload an attempt at giving my skin a "fur" look to it. I mean to stay on only ten mins tops while cooking dinner. It ended up with me being on for around three or four hours I believe.

I appeared at a corner of my land, near a Vargo, aka a gypsy wagon, and my vegi garden. Inside the vargo where two folks getting ready to have sex on my land. I asked them to leave, they argued back. I booted them.

Below is what I sent to my landlady about what happened.

Just to let you know you might want to watch out on your lands for a laniejean Bravin and a Throw Vuckovic. I caught them having a master slave sex scene on my land and they refused to leave on their own so I had to eject them. Throw ARCUGED with me about it and was quite haughty and rude.

I have ejected and banned them from my land and sent a message to the willowdale chat about it. I can send you the chat log if you want.

When I ejected them they ended up on a neighbors land. I went over to help her get rid of them, she was having issues. Well and done. Go back to my land to check on my chickens. We notice the guy - Throw _ was hovering on the EDGE of my land on a neighbors land who wasn't online. Little did I know what was happening....read the notecard I then sent my landlady about it...

Well things Escalated with the two I ejected from my land . They ended up in Suki's land and I helped her get rid of them. The woman hasn't been a problem. But the guy. Throw Vuckovic went over onto Elwyn's estate and hovered next to my land for a while. He was evidently setting up an orbiter. That since I has push enabled on my land, sent me FLYING into other sims. I managed to get close enough to turn push off and stay on my land. Photo of the thing is below

I was not rude to him, IMO, while talking to him. Firm but not rude. The guy was in RP mode and did not drop it, He was a drow. Either that or he’s just naturally as arrogant as a drow and thinks all females are beneath him.

Here is what I said to him and his girlfriend . This started when I logged on, RIGHT next to them in my vargo. Which had been my last place I was at because its next to my vegi garden.

[08:31 PM] Throw Vuckovic: no you have shit all over your body
[08:31 PM] laniejean Bravin: this girl will remove her garments if that is what her Master wishes
[08:32 PM] Softpaw Sommer: ........what are you doing on my land?
[08:34 PM] Throw Vuckovic: this is elven i hear
[08:35 PM] Softpaw Sommer: I am waiting for an answer
[08:35 PM] Throw Vuckovic: from whom dear
[08:36 PM] Softpaw Sommer: I am not your dear and you are on MY land and I want to know what your doing.
[08:37 PM] laniejean Bravin: im not naked softpaw im clotheed
[08:37 PM] Softpaw Sommer: [08:31 PM] laniejean Bravin: this girl will remove her garments if that is what her Master wishes
[08:32 PM] Softpaw Sommer: ........what are you doing on my land?
[08:37 PM] laniejean Bravin: i was not aware this was a private sim
[08:38 PM] Throw Vuckovic: why do you repeat your questions fairy
[08:38 PM] Softpaw Sommer: You where given a rose when you entered and told it had a notecard in it to read with the ruls.
[08:39 PM] Throw Vuckovic: we did not stray from the rules
[08:40 PM] Throw Vuckovic: please if you have nothing futher move on fairy
[08:40 PM] Softpaw Sommer: .......This is MY land..I own it..if anyone is to move on it is YOU.
[08:41 PM] Throw Vuckovic: I wont dispute you on that...but I will ask you not to talk to us further winged one
[08:42 PM] Softpaw Sommer: You have no right to tell me to talk to you or not. I am not a part of your Gorean roleplay.
[08:42 PM] Throw Vuckovic: if not then lanie might like you
[08:43 PM] laniejean Bravin: yes and i dont
[08:43 PM] laniejean Bravin: he is not GOr nor am i fairy
[08:43 PM] Throw Vuckovic: I knew a Sommer once though
[08:44 PM] Throw Vuckovic: an wicken troll
[08:44 PM] laniejean Bravin: haha
[08:44 PM] Softpaw Sommer: Idiots both of you..good by and I am alerting Imagine and the other residents of Willowdale about you
[08:45 PM] laniejean Bravin: oh baby we will have a fan club : )

They ended up on Suki's land. I believe she has sent you a notice about it as well. When I went over to help her eject them I said nothing to them. Nore had I spoken to them in PM.

This is what he said to me

[2009/04/13 20:46] *** parent estate: 1, mainland
[2009/04/13 20:46] Throw Vuckovic: now dear us black elves can be bad I know
[2009/04/13 21:39] Throw Vuckovic: how can you claim to be so fairy
[2009/04/13 21:41] Throw Vuckovic: more cat in you
-- Instant message logging enabled --

This is all I said to the girl

[2009/04/13 20:36] laniejean Bravin: we are visiting : )
[2009/04/13 20:36] Softpaw Sommer: While getting naked...
[2009/04/13 20:42] laniejean Bravin: your not very nice fairy and we did nothing wrong
[2009/04/13 20:42] Softpaw Sommer: You where going to be takeing your clothing off once your "master" told you to.
[2009/04/13 21:04] *** parent estate: 0
[2009/04/13 21:04] laniejean Bravin: let me tell you something ok im not GOR i had been visiting my sister that is wy i was dressed in silks i found your lovely land and tpd my b/f there we were visiting and i was pretending he was my master now i never talked dirty or removed any clothing whatsoever but you were so rude
[2009/04/13 21:04] laniejean Bravin: i never meant harm and you were brutal im glad i am banned ...
-- Instant message logging enabled --
[10:46 PM] You have muted this resident. Sending a message will automatically unmute them.

A friend of mine came and talked to him after I sent a panicked message to my online friends. He's removed the orbiter NOW, after around an hour and a half of it on. I'm not sure what my friend said to Throw to make him take it away.

The friend was a RL friend of mine from the Renfaires I am a member of, he plays the captain of the Queens guard. He went..well off on the guy. I ALMOST feel sorry for him...almost. Among the stupidness Throw told Tiersel was that the orbiter wasn't his, that he didn't know it would stay BEHIND after he left the sim, and that Tiersel should be wary of faires now.

Adar btw, thinks its hysterical that I ended up "calling the guards" out on the guy. Mind you he plays a guard as well.

Oh and I double checked the notecard with the rules that are in the rose given out by my Greeter bear. They clearly say that there is to be no nudity or adult roleplay going on my land.

Welcome Travelers to the Realm of the Fae Kitty.

You have entered a magical place. Home too many fantastic beings, from fairies to dragons to bunnies and a myriad other beings. Softpaw would be the fae kitty in charge, often found relaxing in the gardens or riding her fae steed Violet Skies. Her beloved husband is the fire dragon Adar, who also is the protector of the realm. Their dear friend Ado is found here and there about, fishing or enjoying a nice cup of tea. The odd coyote Turlock might rarely be spotted as he zooms about the land in search of things to build with. To see who of the residents of the realm are around currently, check the mushrooms in front of the house.

The Realm of the Fae Kitty consists of just the area on this island of Sylvain, once you cross water your on someone else’s land. Please be mindful of the other residents and respect their privacy. While this realm is open to all including the house, others are not so open.

As you traverse the lands please bare in mind that this is a peaceful realm. Don't cause problems for the others also traveling. If someone is causing a problem please be sure to let Softpaw know. But you are more then welcome to roam the land and play with any item you find. Just be mindful of others when doing so. Keep adult activities and nudity to your own homes. They do not belong in the Realm. This place is safe for all ages.

You can fly about, as this is a fae realm and to block flying would offend the fairies that live here. You'd also notice you can build items; this is for the convenience of those coming to fish. Please clean up after yourself as there is not a lot of room (prims) left for building items.

If you’re very observant, you may just find a few things to do about the realm; from tea with dragons, dancing with the fae, relaxing in a forest, and fishing at the docks. Quests and hunts are set up for the enjoyment of those visiting.

I do ask that you stay out of the chicken yard. The chickens are delicate things and you CAN kill them by stepping on them or otherwise messing with them to much. If this becomes a problem I will totally enclose the yard in an invisible box to keep folk out but I'd rather not have to do that. I will be selling eggs on extreet once I get any.

The entire realm is set up for 7sea's fishing, with custom catches at the dock. There you will also find a kiosk to buy bait, rods or your own area kit. More information on the customs in the area is available from a mushroom in the fishing area.

To learn of events of the realm, please join the group, Realm of the Fae Kitty. http://world.secondlife.com/group/2f84edfb-8c32-f14e-0611-df1499608485 . This group is free to join and will give you updates on my store, the fishing area and any events going on. Just Copy and paste the above address into a chat window and click it.

Enjoy your stay!

Softpaw Sommer

P.S. ALWAYS mind the Mome Raths!

P.S.S. If you want to visit a bit of the Realm in less of a magical setting please visit my Indoor tea Garden Located in New Babbage.




I am however going to add an additional notecard to the rose with less creative and more clear cut rules. Just a point by point Do and don't do that instead of the story like way I was doing.
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