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17 April 2009 @ 05:20 am
Photo unloading!  
Another photo dump!

I have the new shots of my land, and I want to clear out my saved photos folder before Fae Fling this weekend. So Time for everyone favorite thing...a PHOTO DUMP!!! We Have Babbage, we have Chickens, we have Dragons, we have Bunny Hop we have randomness! HUZZAH!!

Enjoy! I'll put them in groups for you at least!

First off we have stuff from New Babbage, which I confess to not being around as much of late due to bunny hopping , doing a lot of work on my land, and my on dragons.

These shots are from the Oilers Ball last month and the Kite festival.

The Oilers ball had a gold theme and it took me FOREVER to find a dress I liked that I thought no one else would wear. Then someone showed up in it later *sighs* And I love this hair style and the maker had some stunning styles, But it's no mod and resize with a SCRIPT..which I hate and really can't use. If I had realized that before I bought it, I wouldn't have bought it. I have curls in my cheek now since all I could do was make it bigger, so I cant really wear it often and wont be getting other styles from them. Guh..HATE HATE HATE no mod hair. I need to be able to mod my hair! it wont fit me straight out of the box. Feline heads are not shaped like human.

The kite festival was fun. I had a cute kite with roses on it. Others had some fantastic ones.

Next up, I found the secret passage in the Cemetery near my teahouse. And went down into it. Oh the scandalous things I found!

I really haven't been spending a WHOLE lot of time in Babbage of late. Mostly due to the Bunny hop and working on my land and my dragons. I plan to fix this after the Fae Fling.

Speaking of Dragons, Here's some random photos from IOW, of some other Fae dragons, only two of which I think are full time faes...and of the Easter egg hunt on Lone Star ranch, where I won a Fae horsey! I keep wanting to just call it Princess.


A faery snake, with an EASTER BASKET!!!! I wanted to cuddle them.

And here is Princess. Isn't she pretty!

Sadly there is no "barn" version of her so I can't put one out near the other horses

The last one is Mom's "chocolate Par-fae" makes me giggle!

And speaking of dragons, here’s what I did to my fae dragon. I really only made a lot of changes to what I did to the hair. The legs and tail I pretty much just made the jewelry bigger. I went to the same place to take photos so I can show the size difference.

First a repeat of my Wyrmling

I added more flowers to the hair, made a rose "crown" and now have three earrings instead of one.

Next up, I found a house that was supposed to be a recreation, to a lesser degree as it doesn't have much inside it, of the cabin in the woods in the Evil dead movies.

I live with a Bruce Campbell fanatic for the record, so I took these more for turlock then any other reason

Now for the chickens growing up, I should get one of them now, wow they changed overnight almost! Its close to being full grown time for them.

a bit of randomness now..but does include something very special to me in it..

The first shot is the shot I took in Avaria for the icon. Avaria btw has been given a total facelift. I need to get out there for some photos soon. I think the expedition is still offline right now though.

Next up..I recently updated the photo in my SL profile..the following shots are from that photo shoot..

And this next shot is from the Faery Crossing Sim. I am trying hard to get some connection with my Fae Side in both SL and RL, its not easy I don’t KNOW a lot of Fae's in either. And frustrating, I feel so lonely at times. At least in Sl I have more of an ability to express my Fae side then I do in RL. *sighs* I need to get more photos from Faery Crossing and its group of sims. Its a lovely place.

and these last two shots..are of a ring I made. It still needs some work. But I have made a SL version of my RL wedding and engagement ring.

Adar picked out the rings on his own. He saw the heart diamond engagement ring and that was it. the wedding ring has two diamonds and our birthstones in it, garnet for me and Ruby for him.

This is a shot of my new ring with the one I used to wear about. Also a heart diamond. I made my new one with Scupt gems but I am not really fond of how it looks. My old ring is moddable, so I may pick it apart to learn how to make the heart and the prongs and then figure out the round diamonds for the sides on my own.

And lastly I have some shots of some of the more interesting builds I saw while Bunny Hopping about the grid. As I'm on the last legs of this Grid wide Easter egg hunt I may add a few more after this post. But its gotta be something SUPER cool to catch my eye.

Also I am SO not taking shots of all 300 prizes from this hunt. UGH..I do believe I am going to not do the Gone fishing hunt after this. But I did find a few great new stores, and got pleasant surprises when I found ones I already go to on it.

I am way to lazy to fetch the SURl's for these places though. if you really want to know ask and I'll track it down.

And that’s it..now to finish bunny hopping and get some sleep before heading to Isle of Wyrms for the Fae Fling!! I have SUCH a busy weekend both in RL and in SL.!



added a few photos from the last few stores I saw super cute things at and the really pretty ending area

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