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18 April 2009 @ 03:19 am
Fae Fling Day one  
The first day of the IOW Fae Fling went wonderfully! I greatly enjoyed myself and I am so looking forwards to Saturday and Sunday. Sadly I wont be able to do the morning and afternoon stuff on Sunday. I have a previous engagement. That is if I don't end up staying home sick.

I didn't get any mushrooms made or my crown for the contest done. I just ran out of time with everything else i was doing. oh well. I got my dragon all pretty and thats what was most important to me.

The day officially started off with a concert by Norris Shepherd. But I started my own by popping over to vote for myself in the Fae queen contest :P

Lots of photos, so now you all get to click a cut to see and read the rest!

This first shot is of the pavilion they have set up for the Fae Queen Contest. Vote for me! I'm the Dark pink one!!


Next shots are of the Norris Shepherd concert. Held on a specially made sky platform.

After the concert I took myself off to Limbo to see what all was done to the sandbox. It's all pretty! With clouds for platforms and lovely trees and mushrooms about!

Heeehh I asked for a Fae horde to sit on and Sky put one down for me. At first it was up on a cloud..

But then it got moved down here.

Yeah Fae Horde!!

Last thing I went to was the Cypress Rosewood concert. With Jetta. It was quite lovely.

And that was Friday. Now to get myself off to bed so I will be awake for everything on Saturday!
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Current Music: Phantom of the Opera 14 - All I Ask of You (Reprise)