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18 April 2019 @ 03:28 pm
Fantasy Faire 2019 Sim -Fairelands Junction  

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OutfitRosetta Dress *MIDNIGHT* by Caverna Obscura SLURL
NecklaceBalderdash - Bit of Hope Necklace (c/m)SLURL
NecklaceKM Dash of Hope Fairy Dust RFL 1SLURL
Pose:LW: Bento Poses - A Little Too Much BOXEDSLURL
Prop in handBalderdash - Sunstar Spirit Lamp - Amethyst (Wear/add to open)SLURL
SimFairelands Junction SLURL


Despite some delays due to Linden Labs doing some maintenance FANTASY FAIRE IS OFFICIALLY OPEN AT LAST!!

Above is what I will be seen in unless i am shooting something a designer has so generously gifted us bloggers with.

And now, as always, we start with the sim That is the Anchor of Fantasy Faire. The one that rises from the mist first and then gives birth to the others

Sponsored by The NeoVictoria Project.

Fairelands Junction (Saiyge Lotus)
The heart of the Fairelands, offering portals to the other lands, remembrance wall and glimpses to the Fairelands That Could Be: Worldlings.

Learn more about the histories of Fairelands Junction and the Fairelands by checking out this page.

This year the amazing Saiyge has brought us up out of the water and into the heavens. Junction has taken on the shape of an old abandoned and ruined celestial observatory, with the remnants of its grander still visible. In the middle of it all are gateways to the rest of the faire lands.

It sits perched on an island and under it, like a mother hen on a nest. Are the worldings. small little dioramas of worlds that may be born in the future.

There is also a small bit of underwater to explore. And if you need a moment to reflect, several candle walls to pay respects at.

You can see all my photos of the Junctions at http://www.softpaw.org/LJimages/SL/Fantasyfaire19/FairelandsJunction/