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19 April 2009 @ 04:01 am
Fae Fling Day two...day of the Basilisk..  
I woke up feeling like utter crap, yeah allergies! So I spent a lot of Saturday on and off line. Which was fine, as far as I could tell not a lot of actually "fae" events went on. Saturdays big event was the release of the new dragon avatar the basilisk! There was a draw for adults, for folk that didn't already have an IOW Dragon. So it was rather like one of the four annual hatching days. Only just one dragon was released. But with the added excitement of it being a brand new species!

There was also some Hunts for baskets of goodies, but I honestly am all hunted out right now, I don't think I'll be doing one again for a while. I still haven't sorted the 300+ items gotten from the Bunny Hop hunt!

I did end the day by creating a Group for Fae Dragons and Wyrmlings. It's not showing up on SL search properly yet. It is if you go to the groups tab but not on the general tab. I got SUPER creative with its name :P Fae Dragons. I'll add the Join address once it shows up in the search so I can GET it.

Now onto the photos and my commentary on them!

I first got on just as the drawing started. Landed in the sandbox but oddly the photo I took there of a group awaiting to hear didn't make it. I then went to the Hatching circle and that photo I have!

As I wasn't waiting to hear if I won a dragon or not, I did a bit of playing around. An announcement about a new ride in Hedgetopia was sent so I went to check it out. It's called the Crazy Drake ride.

You click a button to rez a ..thing..and ride it..I think..I'm not really clear if I did it correctly. But I did it!

I went to lay back down for a bit..got up just as folk where being called about if they won or not. YEAH NEW DRAGONS!! Congrats to everyone that won.

Shot of folks waiting in the sandbox

It was announced that the egg for current Dragons would be placed in Hedgetopia. I popped over there and my Husband was going to get one. But there was a HUGE rush on them!

So as he could barely move he left and went to work.

I decided to pop up into the cathedral to watch new dragons get their eggs. Boy am I glad I did! Such an impressive magnificent sight! Staff and elder members all lined up the hall way to the great room all wearing a Basilisk dragon. It was amazing

The Basilisk egg

And..crap I forget who this is, but he's one of the new dragons buying his egg!

Some folks weren’t sure where to go to hatch their eggs since the Sandbox is currently closed. So I went down to the hatching Circle to offer Teleports to those needing it. Got to see several new dragons born! It was exciting.

After that I had to go lay back down. Stupid allergies, when I got back up I logged myself and Adar on and got Adar's Bask for him. It was SOOO less laggy then.

I had some Dealing in Babbage to run off to do for a bit. I'll post about those later. Back to IOW! Just some general hanging about the sandbox and in the Cathedral

I puttered about on my Fae Pony for a bit. I have no idea why TeeCee is half in the ground in these shots.

Don't remember who this is, but they have taken a Seawolf Dragon and an IOW dragon and mixed them together for a stunning look.

Though its the colors I REALLY like best.

Up in the library of the Cathedral.

heeehh Fae dragon swarm

I had nothing to do with it.. HONEST!!

Amazing Fae Hatchie Mod!!

Another Fae Hatchie Mod.

I need to get off my rump and finish updating mine now..

And I need to get around to playing with the new Saddles so I can learn to wall crawl!

And that was Day two.

My allergies are kicking my bejeweled tail. So I am off to bed and most likely will not be going to the thing I was supposed to on Sunday. I feel like poo warmed over. BUT that does mean I can be on IOW for all the fae events on Sunday. Including the crowing of the Fae Queen. Even if its not me I will get tons of photos of it.

Oh and folks not with LJ journals or not on my list..you can still comment! I don't mind :)
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