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21 April 2019 @ 11:00 pm
The Shrine Tree creators  
Click here for a list of all the stores on The Shrine Tree a with SLURL's to their main stores I will not be posting SLURL's individually, as you can get them all at this handy link. If you need one for an item I have on that is NOT at Fantasy fair, and that will mostly be hair and poses, Ask for it! I'll be happy to tell you, but I am trying to highlight the Fantasy Faire exclusive items, or items by FF vendors only.

SLURL to The Shrine Tree

Ok I gotta lot of stuff to show off for this sim so settle back and get ready! Gonna start with a None Relay vendor item that is just so gosh darn AMAZING I had to get it and show it off

Behold one of the few times I am with out my wings! They blocked the view of the back part/wings of this Amazing outfit by The Looking glass called Fitcher's Bird. Just everything about this outfit is stunning. The colors. The snake motif the headdress the wings. If you want to make a statement, this is the gown to do it with!

Next up is an outfit that combines the looks for two Final Fantasy Chars into one outfit. Minus all their accessories. Its by :::c*C*c::: and is called Valkyrie. It also comes with a cape but I took that off due to NO CAPES I am also wearing a necklace by Talevin, their Gothic Cross Necklace and you can see a close up of it at this link

:::c*C*c::: has another gown up for offering. Their STUNNING Galadriel gown. It's simple elegance just makes you want to wear it often. The way it softly flows along your curves is just perfection.

Next is the first of two outfits by Lomomo, This one is short lil number called Dreamy lamb. The outfit is cute and sassy and just sporty enough to make you feel like you can get dirty in it. But still feel like your dressed up some

The second outfit by Lomomo is called Brillante. And it is a frothy lacy ultra feminine number that comes with flowers for your hair! TO me it works both as a night gown and a dress for taking tea in.

Next up is two outfits by Poet's Heart, a shop that never fails to offer lovely things! This Relay offering is called Starlet and it comes with the coat, the hat and the sheer in parts gown. Which comes in both a bright and a subdued shading. Theres also a flounce on the bottom of the gown but it didn't work with the pose so I took it off.

Their second outfit is a fantasy number called Spellbinder. And it is a perfect outfit for a fae or Elven type. The colors on it blend smoothly into each other there is just enough shimmer to the fabric!

Last up is not a gown but a full avatar! You see me here in the Wilds of Organica Wyvern Avatar. It is a well crafted avatar, which one would expect from WoO. Comes with a full ao and gestures. Get yer lizard on!

Now while there are a few other decor and furniture sellers on this sim I'm going to focus on what you can buy that are parts OF the sim. Which is ..a lot. All by The Looking glass. Not all of them are in relay vendors but many are. In this photo you have, Tapestry tree, Twinkle tree, Moonstone moss rock, Fire Shrine, Butterfly daisies, To the moon and back, Be the Sunshine and Reach for the stars.

You can also get the Shrines seen about the sim. There are four of them and from left to right they are called Spiritual, Natural, Mystical and Romantic. You can put your own photo in the frame on the bottom and they come with a range of items to set out with them. What I set out in front of them is just a few of the items. And each shrine comes with different items.
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