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22 April 2019 @ 05:29 pm
Fantasy Faire 2019 Sim - Genesia  

Sponsored by Safe Waters Foundation.

Genesia (Haveit Neox & Lilia Artis)
The main build on the water surface of the sim is an island with the Tree of Life spewing out waves of animals. The creatures give light and colour to the black night sky as they travel across the archipelago of islands. Below this living landscape, deep down in the sea, is a modern city darkened by the depths and absolute abandonment of life. The streams of city lights are not powered by stations, but reflective surfaces catching the light from above.

Arts & Performance Region. Here you can find our annual fantasy art gallery, and witness amazing dance and particle performances.

I skipped past the next sim as one goes clockwise around the Faire sims as Thornfast is the Quest sim and its not quite ready yet. I plan to show off the sim and the quest at the same time. So moving past Thornfast we get to Genesia!

As the Arts and Entertainment sim there are no shops on Genesia, though the silent auction items will be placed here once ready. All the information you might need on the sim's show schedule is at is at https://fantasyfairesl.wordpress.com/arts-entertainment-2019/

Now the sim itself is a stunner. With as much much above the water as below! On top, the center pieces is a tall tree surrounded by animals leaping off of the island it is on into the water and the lands edges next to it. An entire menagerie can be seen, including some giant parachute spiders floating off into the air. All in mostly whites with splashes of colors on them.

Now UNDER the water is where it gets a bit different. That's where ALL the color is at. A vast mer city of shapes and colors. With fish about and old fallen statues.

There is also a tunnel that will take you to Thornfast, so look out for that!

You can see all my photos of the Genesia at http://www.softpaw.org/LJimages/SL/Fantasyfaire19/Genesia/index.html

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