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24 April 2019 @ 02:33 pm
Fantasy Faire 2019 Sim - The Celestial Plain  

Sponsored by Elysion.

The Celestial Plain by Syn Beresford.
The home for the Fairechylde, our beloved dragon-borne party ship. This is where the majority of the DJ-parties and activities will take place.

The Celestial Plain is a beautiful magical woods at the base of a mountain. Mushrooms, fae, and waterfalls are at every turn. A tall statue guards the path up the mountain . Passing her and reaching the top. Is the Fairechylde . As well as a dance area and this is where you would go to voite for King, Queen and Chanceler of the fairelands!

You can learn more about the scheudal of events at the Fairechylde by following this link here

You can see all my photos of the The Celestial Plain at http://www.softpaw.org/LJimages/SL/Fantasyfaire19/CelestialPlain/

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