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19 April 2009 @ 09:10 pm
Fae Fling, the final day  
Soo..as said I am sick, so I stayed home today. Which meant I was there for the closing ceremony, Crowning of the Fae Queen and the lovely concert by Grace McDunnough.

I was also there for the "great fae fling sim crash" *snickers*

I don't have the stats on how much was raised for St.Tiggywinkles. I hope a lot! In fact I'm sure a lot as there was an auction to benefit it as well as a ton of donation kiosks about the sims.

All in all it was an amazing fun event. I want to thank everyone..again, that helped put it together. IOW will never stop being one of the most open, giving, helpful, and fun communities in Secondlife.

Now onto the Photos and the rest of my commentary!

I woke up about noon my time, which is 10 Secondlife time. The big events weren't going to start till noon SL time, so I puttered about and got some more shots of the stuff set up in the sandbox, and of the cathedral.

I went up to the pavilion that the Fae Queen photo contest was on. I wanted to get a shot of each of the entries! I only know who a few of these folks are by sight. But here they are!

It really was a tough contest. Everyone looks fantastic. I'll announce who won a bit later down.

They announced that the closing ceremonies would be soon, so I switched to my Fae Dragon form and headed over to the sky stage, I wanted to have everything good and rezed before it got crowded.

People started arriving, and once it was time announcements where made.

The first big thing was the lovely and amazing Cora was given the "Golden Cookie" award. Now for a bit of C&P from chat to explain the Golden Cookie Award

Mom Jarman shouts: Cora if you could come up here please I need to talk to you when asked to come up with some one to blame about this festival your name kept appearing in my ims. Seems you were a very busy draggie.
Kath McGill shouts: The IOW Guild has an award that was begun last year, for the IOW citizen who Personifies what we should be.
Mom Jarman shouts: As a way of saying thanks for all your hard work I would like to present you with this Golden cookie award For duties above and beyond the normal insanity around here.
Kath McGill shouts: It is called , The Golden Cookie The person chosen , this year, has given time, energy, and talents with out hesitation, with out question, and with out fail, to make these islands a better place,
Bea Jaxxon shouts: Yay!!!!!
Cora Heslop: coming...lag, sorry
Mom Jarman shouts: congratulations Cora
Kath McGill shouts: We don’t know of any one who does not know of this person, - unless they are new, and within short order, have discovered her unselfishness, her dedication, and devotion to what she truly loves
Softpaw Sommer shouts: HIP HIP HUZZAH!!!
Bea Jaxxon shouts: Congrats Cora - very well deserved

A well Deserved Awards for Cora!

Now for the winners of the Fae Queen photo Pageant! Again I'm not sure which ones some of these are..but here they are

5th place goes to Mousearina Ballyhoo
4th place goes to CiaraWhiteHorn Quandry
3rd place goes to Softpaw Sommer
Tie for 2nd place Cora Heslop and Astral Quandry

and the fae Queen is....GertieGazoo Gazov!!

So yeah..I didn't win the crown but I placed!! And Gertie is so sweet and fantastic she well deserves it! Here's some photos I took of her wearing her marvelous crown made by Vincentus Parx.

She's in my Fae Dragons group and I made her a special title that says Fae Wyrmling Queen! Wear it proudly Gertie! I know your walking on are over this! *hugs*

Once the announcements where over it was time for the concert.

Only Secondlife had other ideas. Lyre went DOWN..Crashed and BURNED baby..It was weird seeing a sim just vanish right in front of you. I was on the Lethe side of the stage when it happened So I had a good view of the suddenly, not there sim.

Then Lethe got restarted, and it was a bit of a mess for a bit. But eventually everything got sorted out and the concert by the lovely Grace McDunnough started.

I've never been to one of her concerts before and I greatly enjoyed it.

And for those of you reading this not familiar with SL concerts, Yes this was a LIVE concert performance. They are quite common in SL. I know a few bands I'd love to see get on SL to perform, but I also know its not likely going to happen.

After the Concert a dance started up. I stayed for a few songs but went back to bed eventually. Being sick sucks :P

The DJ, I am totally blanking on her name.

and so that..was the IOW Fae Fling Spring event. Loads and loads of fun!!

Now to post this AND get some of these photos up on Flicker..
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