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12 May 2009 @ 03:37 am
The new parts..  
I've been busy and just keep forgetting to DO this post. So here behind the cut are all the new additions to my land. I'll have a photo dump post coming up soon as well..that's..*checks* around 99% New Babbage, It's been QUITE a time over there of late. Lots and LOTS going on.

I've been back to the new Avaria but haven't taken photos as I wanted to get the post about my land done first. I've also not explored the Fairy Crossing lands all that much for the same reason. Heck if the photos of Babbage weren't taken during events and plots I'd have not taken them either! And I'm also exploring a new Steampunk sim called Steelhead. Its quite different from Babbage as you'll see when I get the photos taken.

Anyway onto the new parts of my land. Starting with some overhead shots!

I have no idea what’s going on with the top of these shots. It's just odd. The reflections are kind of weird too.

Now, lets start at the vargo where the trouble makers on my land where at! I like it, I turned the roof pink myself. It’s got some poses and flame torches out front. Near it I had this growing veggie garden system I have. First time I'd had that up since I left Brythony. This time I managed to grow them to harvest. Then got bored with it, and it got tedious tending to it. So I took it down. ..I can't remember if I put anything new down to replace it or not.

These are shots of everything I harvested. You got a LOT, not only did you get a basket from each plant. the baskets give out single items. THEN some of those give out items, and a few of THOSE gave out sub items! Whew! I think the Potatoes gave out the most items. And everything’s Copy so really, one harvest is MORE then enough to have fun with this system.

Next to the vargo is a cute lil pond with BUNNIES! I luff the bunnies. Erm the Mushrooms in the background of this shot are gone. They had some sex poses I them and after the idiots I wanted to make sure nothing I had down on my land had sex poses, that I knew of. Cuddle poses I'm fine, Sex..no thank you.

The pond at night.

The vargo the pond and the Fire out front of it.

The fire and one of my new trees, I bought a really nice set of trees and plants with LOTS of neat features in it. It was meant to be a sky garden but you can take the walls down and use it on the ground. When I rezzed it, parts where missing but the creator was EXTREAMLY helpful and not only replaced the parts, but gave me several extra items and gave me about 2000L credit for his shop! I was highly impressed. This is the seller. Go check out his stuff!

me under one of the trees

The biggest tree from the set. And some mushrooms.

The pavilion came with the set, the bench is the same bird bench I have in the teahouse.

I picked up this HUGE tree from Botanical. I think its fantastic.

On a fallen log area from the set I talked about. Lots of poses!

And the big tree that came with the set? You can sit in it *grins*

And it came with a rock pond too! With a meditation pose. IT also came with a lot of 1 prim iris and other flower bunches. Between those flowers and Julia's 1prim plants I have a lovely flowery forest now.

The big tree has some huge roots, so I nestled an altar into them.

And put my torches and the fairy star up again next to it.

I have more love for this writing area of the set then I should. It's really what sold me on the set. I Love it.

While on the Bunny Hunt I found this musical Orb Rezzer, The orbs are Temp objects and when they rez they move about and a tone is heard. I find it very calming.

I now have a large hallow tree trunk, that is so old another tree and a pond are inside it! I love how it ended up looking. So magical.

Behind it is the tree from my walled garden.

And I put up the large tree from my Brythony land. This time with lots of flowers at the base!

And nestle in its branches is this fantastic Spider web and butterfly find. Found at a store during the Bunny Hop. It's so pretty. You can sit in the "basket" or in the higher web.

New tree from Julia at Creative Fantasy. It's a dogwood COVERED in butterflies!

The docks now have two piers. And I put down some pussy willow bushes near the pond.

Must include a shot of the chicken area!

And my new addition to the tea party. I chocolate eating Dragon. I adore him almost as much as I do the tea drinking dragons.

OH and this is my sky shop! Its..not all that interesting, but I included it for completeness sake.

Oh and up until a little after May First I had a May Pole down near the vargo!

And here is an Egg before it vanishes into my Lost and found. I ALMOST had a shot of one being laid but my computer does not take photos that fast.

And thats the new area I got for free! I have a few other items I picked up recently I haven't put down. Another tree and a pretty swing with ribbons on it. Haven't settled on where i want them yet.
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