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22 May 2009 @ 05:50 pm
Photo dump  
As it looks like I may be taking a lot of photos soon, I want to clear out my folder..so photo dump time again, Mostly New Babbage stuff!

So lets get the None New Babbage out of the way first!

First three shots of the May day dance in the Faery Crossing

And some photos from Steelhead, that have nothing to link them to New Babbage.

They have a steampunk Hall of Justice. I'm pretty sure turlock will be making a stop by here once his computer lets him run Secondlife again.

And they had a silly take your photo in front of a photo thing

and these three shots are from the Dance to celebrate L. Frank Baumn's birthday. I wore my Ozma outfit.

Now Onto New Babbage!

First, the explosion of the city hall. Dr. O Planted a bomb.

And now, onto Last months grand Evolutionary ball and sundial build contest held during it.



And..crap I am having a mind fart on whose store opening this was at. Or who this is. all I can remember is that this lady had some AMAZING dance animations for belly dancing. WOW, having seen real belly dancing I was super impressed with how smooth, fluid and realistic it was.

And now..onto something unexpected MARTIAN ATTACK!

Next two shots are of the pirates that held me at gunpoint and me getting a bit of revenge on one of them.

And now Darian being silly.

And lastly, the trial that took PLACE in Steelhead, but was about the anti magic bombs that got dropped a while back.

And...thats my photos *phews* NOTHING left in my photo folder !

For now anyway...

I still need a good Babbage icon..
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Current Music: Tim Mcgraw - Wherever The Trail May Lead (Home On The Range)
Bookworm Hienrichsbookworm_h on May 23rd, 2009 09:56 pm (UTC)
The store opening was Miss Viv Trafalgar's store in Port Babbage. The dancer is Miss Ahnyanka Delphin.