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21 April 2008 @ 02:06 am
Lots of stuff  
First though..new icons!

not as new as the others but newish. I haven't used it yet

The irony of this one is I don't play whatever game it is this phrase is from...WOW I think..

Look I can make jokes!

I got myself a kitty collar with a bell..more on that in a bit.

I apparently either need to post more..or take less photos on Secondlife. But it seems I am as much of a shutter bug there as I am in RL. The making more posts might happen once my upgrades come in. Though I think I took some more then these and typoed my email addy when I sent the postcard to myself..

Anyway, Friday night I went to the council of Wyrms drum circle. It was FUN. They switched the music in the area to some trance stuff and we all pranced about thanks to the dance machines they have down in the lava drum circle area.

I kept switching forms..

When it was over I went up to the cathedral. Got to talking to some others. I shifted to dragon and mentioned how pink I am. Another dragon, name escapes me now said. "that's not pink THIS is pink! and shifted into a Pink Easter bunny dragon! I about died laughing

and I got given a big white chocolate macadamia sheep cookie.

And I am having a total mind fart on if Turlock and Ado joined me later Friday night or sometime on Saturday.

Took them to the mer areas and they got free tails. Found out the tails came with Ao's so YEAH! We went into he water and I got a shot of me with the harp and my EYES OPEN! and I found a pretty shell to pose on

Turlock was having issues with the area though. So when I got a notice that the hatchies had invaded the cathedral I scooted myself there real fast. And gave them Tp's to follow

It was madness! Funny Funny madness! A few of them had GIANT cookies! and I mean giant as big as dragons cookies

So I hauled out my cookie and joined the fun! You can see Turlock and Ado on the right of this shot

One of the hatchies was really colorful..I think it was Zaza

Ado went to bed so I took Turlock to one of the amusement parks. We played with the photo ball thingy. Only got one shot...he looks stoned.

I woke up early Sunday so decided to get on, since I thought Adar would be on at night. Just went exploring. Found one place that offered tours of the sim..on a butterfly! wee I'm flying!

Then I went down to the IoW sandbox and had a tea party for one.

Messed around a bit more in other places. Returned to the sandbox and found another Fae Dragon! And he was a DRAGON not a Wyrmling.

Found out the Fae dragon comes with a Fae dragon HOARD..which you can sit on. He made a copy of his and let me perch on it.

*giggles* it has acorns and flowers on it!

You can really see the size difference between the two dragons in this shot.

The pink tree is a person.
Her name was Jasmine and she was nice. I said she looked like the big pink tree I have. And found out she has the same tree.

She kept pulling things out and putting them down. Like a pond...with fish in it! The fish where from the 7seas fishing game that tearsongs_sl has mentioned.

So I eventually went and tracked it down. And the main area is RIGHT in front of the place my wings are from and made BY the people that made my wings.

But the neat thing about it is you can buy the kit and put it on your land so you can have people buy poles and stuff and fish on your land. and you get to keep 20% of all sales of stuff from your Kiosk.

The fish are wearable too. Or you can put them in tanks. Its SOO cool. And if you get the pro rod you earn levels and stuff.

So I went fishing. and when I took this shot I realized I looked real silly fishing in a ball gown. Fayth had found me a script to put in my skirts to make them not hang straight down when sitting but I haven't put it in them yet,. So I switched to a pants outfit.

Caught some fish. Then Fayth showed up and was having trouble with lag in the area so we went to the mer area that Jasmine had told me about that also had fishing. Took Fayth a bit to show up. So I mer'd out and lounged. And I fished in merform!

Turlock made a bad joke when I went into the living room to tell the guys I was fishing in merform.

"You know what mermaids call fishing?"

"Online dating"

yeaah..really bad.

Oh and here's me wearing a couple of my fishies. they swim about my head.

Had to go get food. Then came back and went to the house, to mess with clothing and hair. Decided I needed "fishing" clothing. Gowns just look silly and my pants outfits look a bit odd too, to warrior like? or something. So I went onto Slexchange and got myself some free jeans and T-shirts to wear. And the bell collar. Because it amused me to get that to wear when I'm dressed all casual.

Turlock and I went back to the mer place to fish. Why? it has AWSOME 80's music.

I decided to buy the fishing kit for when I move to a bigger land. Then I discovered the server is only one prim and the kiosk is only four. So Up both went on my land. You can now fish out of my pond! The rods are transferable so I bought some rods for my friends and gave them to them. Just the cheep casual fisher rods. And so Turlock and I fished from my pond for a bit.

And just before I logged off for the night I Looked in the fish folder and saw that there is a personal wearable fish server! So I attached it to an eyeball *hey I'll never attach anything ELSE to them* so I can fish where ever I want! Even on land.

I left the kiosk under the tree so if people happen by they can buy a rod or whatever. I'm all excited about it! Wee fishing from my pond!

Oh and heres a better view of my bell collar. I have it in pink and white. And the bell rings if you touch it!

And now Adar's on his computer. So I am making a post!
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TearSong Vaughantearsongs_sl on April 21st, 2008 11:48 pm (UTC)
this is me fishing in the pond at my old land (which is now your land ofc):

There's also a dock at my tower now so I can fish in the open sea :P
You can also catch neat fishing hats by the way so you should be fine with your fishing gear :)
And I don't know if you already bought a transparent aquarium? You can resize it to the size of the pond and place it just below the water in the pond. You can transfer the fish you caught to your pond then and watch them swim :D
Beware of the fishing btw..it's addictive.

'For the horde!' is indeed from WoW :)

Did you try tiny empires yet? If not, want me to show you where to get the hud sometime? (I need some ppl in my downline :P)
Fae kitty of Roses and Columbine, on Secondlifesoftpaw_sommer on April 22nd, 2008 04:27 am (UTC)
Re: :)
Got an aquarium now! put five fish in my pond along with my koi.

and nope haven't tried tiny empires..would love to. And Silent s well.
TearSong Vaughantearsongs_sl on April 22nd, 2008 08:49 am (UTC)
Re: :)
ok next time we see eachother online and when you're not busy, I'll go get you the tiny empires hud and explain a bit about it.

Oh have you visited the greenies in SL yet? you really should see that, as well as the tunnel of light :)