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27 May 2009 @ 01:43 am
Wonderland, Babbage and Oz  
TRYING to not let my saved photos build up as bad as I have in the past. So..post time!

Last week I went to a dance in Steelhead. It turned out to be a party in celebration of Tensia's Birthday. She's co manager of the sim with her Husband Lunar.

Lunar built her an AMAZING wonderland themed dance area waaayyy up in the sky. Really it’s just...wow...you'll see when you follow the cut to the photos

Next we have my shots of the Robber Baron's ball and Smoke stack competition. Which I entered, and lost the chimney contest. But learned today I got one of the best dressed folk in my Marie Antoinette gown. I won a stunning Refry gown, breezy picked out one in pink JUST for me.

I didn't stay for the whole ball, just the first, hour I believe. My guys pulled me away offline after that. Neither Adar nor Turlock's computers will currently run SL, they both need new graphic cards worse than I do. Shame cause Adar was HOME on a bal night! *pouts*

Anyway the photos..mostly of the chimneys.

It’s a lil smokestack on a HAT

The purple glass one was mine..I don't know why it smoked so little. It smoked REAL good when I made it. I should have added more than one smoking prim.

The following photo is my 2000th Secondlife photo.

I at last have a Babbage Icon! the text is a joke with me and some friends.

Behind the cut is the full photo used and two other photos in Babbage. The other night I went to Ceejay's cafe and saw a group of ladies chit chatting. And apparently Ceejay had made a slipup with her textures..putting the SAME on all over the cafe. Even under the Sleeping Tenk at the hearth.

and now lastly, OZ! They are having a special Trivia hunt in celebration of Baum’s birthday. You find 15 podiums with books on them, answer a trivia question and get given a balloon. that you then take to the store it says, stand near a big cupcake and click the balloon and get your prize. As usual the prizes are fantastic, including a special Evie's closet gown!

and the sim is of course done up for the occasion as well. Balloons and cupcakes all over!

One of the book podiums.

I put my Ozma outfit on for the rest of my time there.

And that's this post. Right now I am in the middle of exploring a new Rezzible's Sim, King Tut's Tomb..OMG so many photos already!

And I haven't started on the new Alice hunt..
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