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03 June 2009 @ 06:35 pm
So excited! I got my first "scarce" egg today and those have been going for about 5000L in auctions. So I used up almost all of my current linden and bought an auction board system and put it up. with about an hour and a half to go in the auction I've already gotten a 3000L bid on it! So excited!!

Scarce are chickens with black bodies instead of white or green. You also have ancients which glow, and new wave which have two colors. RIght now you can only get Scarce's and Ancients..you could even get an ancient Scarce! The new waves are only available from the egg starter packs now and wont be of breeding age for another week or so.

My scarce is a green one!

I'm so excited!

I'm going to pull the eggs off of Exstreet they haven't really been selling there and try to get a small store someplace to sell them in world. Also a better place to put my auctions then my sky store..which I may also take down and put my poor single vendor in the shop with the eggs.
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