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15 June 2009 @ 02:44 pm
Took way to long..  
To make this post, I am a lazy lazy Fae Kitty.

Well more like a SUPER busy one right now...anyway

King Tut Rezzables sim. I went a few weeks ago and if you have not been GO GO GO! OMG it is so just..breath taking. And mind blowing. Really. I was in awe of it. I took sssoooo many photos of it as well.

I was half tempted to just toss them up on a page with thumbnails. But really I want to talk about how amazing some of these are so I am doing it like usual and putting it all behind a cut

The sim is at http://slurl.com/secondlife/Kings%20Rezzable/14/85/2337 Go NOW if you don't want to be spoiled..Click my cut if you want a preview.

And I need to go back soon to see if they've updated. IT was still being worked on here and there.

As you can see from the SURL you start WAAYYY high up in the air. You don't have a choice in this, sims got landing point picked and that’s the landing point. So..don't leave the sim and go to another one thinking you can pick up where you left off. You can't, well not easily they have intersim TP's that you can hop to get back to the general area, but not the exact.

Captions about the photos above the photos. Sating this now since I know I switch back and forth in my posts.

When you arrive in the sim, you’re on a platform that is above a HUGE map of Egypt, The map rotates between a topological one of the area, a political one, and one of ancient Egypt. It's quite a stunning effect as one blends into the other.

This is the platform your on when you arrive. It's got some info displays on it.

I was of course dressed for the occasions. Just a simple outfit. I was tempted to use my Bast form, but I want to work on the skin for that to get it more Abyssinian ruddy then black. Laughing academy has a nice outfit for sale on the sim. I will be getting that for my return trip. It's pretttyyy.

The sim has these set about. You click on it and a voice starts up giving you information. Not all of them worked at the time I was there.

Another platform shot

Hovering over the map is a balloon you can go for a ride in.

Which I of course did. I'd recommend NOT falling off it though. There’s a bit of a place under it in case this happens. But once you step off that you fall though the phantom map and go ffaaallliinng. Till you land on another part of the build.

The TP's about the sim are glowing red eye of Horus/Ra ..they rotate sometimes so it’s hard to say which one. Click it and you go for a ride down to Howard Carters Dig sight.

Oh and never have your photos on auto refresh, or you get the weird ghost glow I've got in some photos till I got peeved at it enough to figure out what was causing it. SOOO glad I did or some photos you will see later would be HORRIBLE.

This is the main area of the dig sight, it goes down into the tomb. The detail..just..WOW. the textures on the sculpted prims are mind blowing. I read on a page I can't find right now that it took a year for this sim to get to the point it’s at now and WOW you can see why.

I mean look at this LOOK AT THIS> This is NOT a flat texture, this is a three D sculpted prim sculpture. And this isn't even the super OMG WOW one you'll see later.

You can go down into the tomb of course. It's in the middle of being excavated.

Posing in the sunlight going down the stairs.

Peeking through the gate.

Inside the first room. Ignore the ghost glow.

The second room. The walls are just..wow..and the audio works here so you can learn about what is on them.

An empty room off of the wall painting room.

This room is to the left of the main room. I almost missed it!

Now it’s time to click the eye and go onto the next stop. This is where you end up. A huge treasure chamber. That is not a recreation, as far as I can tell, of the actual tomb. This is where the audio things stopped working for me.

Look at this texture LOOK AT IT. Clearly taken from a direct photo but then played with so it would match the none photo parts of the build.

More shots of the shrine

In a side room is the coffin. The floor looks like it’s not there but go ahead and walk on it. This area isn't finished. you can click on an invisible coffin in the air and nothing happens. Not sure if they know about that or not in truth.

This is the one that started my TRUE jaw dropping. This is NOT a flat prim. This is 3d sculpted and...just...WOW. Seamless and sooo detailed.

IN two other rooms they have some of the treasure set up on rotating "futuristic" platforms. The displays at first look tiny...

But then you click on it and it blows up! Again not flat photos on prims.

Shot of several of them at once. Not going to show photos of them all so folks that see this have something to see themselves!

The mask however..was a must show. Again..just...wow..

Different room.

Silly shot of me about to go on a ride.

And now for the just breathtaking area. Called the Cosmic gallery. You take the Tp and end up in a huge starry sky with walkways made of glittering stars.

and GIANT versions of all the treasures floating about.

Starting out on a walkway

There are these rings that join the walkways at points. You can go either up or down. Fairley easy to walk up too. No spiral stair issue.

Shot looking down

As you walk up you get to a glowing white cloud portal into the sky..you can then walk up that.

Which brings you to another cosmic room

With a red thing in it that does nothing..I think more is planned for here.

walking down you get to another white cloud and a red nebula. Again you can enter the cloud tunnel

And at the bottom you step out into the treasure chamber

The last area of the sim is the ground and a recreation of a house. Which I found a bit dull as it wasn't all that decorated.

There's also a shopping area and a magical river scene

Playing with a posing couch in the shopping area.

The river scene. HIPPOS!

I switched to my Bast dragon form and took a couple fun shots down on the ground in it.

And that’s the King Tut sim. GO SEE IT! Really I could have taken five times as many photos but didn't so others would want to see what I didn't show themselves. It is BREATH TAKING. Just..OH..MY GOD..wow.
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Bookworm Hienrichsbookworm_h on June 17th, 2009 06:00 pm (UTC)
Thank you for posting about this! I shall definitely have to go there when I have more time.