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18 June 2009 @ 04:50 am
I'm a clever kitty!  
So...I got to thinking about the location of my photo shot and some of the comments about how the moon makes no sense being there. Which made sense and honestly the temple was NOT my first choice for photo location anyway. I REALLY wanted to take it in the cosmic gallery on the Tut Sim. But its no build, so I couldn't toss the moon down there which is required for the contest.

So I got to thinking what if I wore it and used the animations out of it that way? I looked..and BINGO..the moons MOD and COPY! *glees* I took the animations OUT of it Then attached the moon to my leg. Used the animation in world and positioned the moon like it would have been if I was using the moon like normal. And NOW I can take the photos in the Cosmic gallery!

I also picked up the shorter Ballet skirt style of the gown. So that opens up another of the four poses for me.

I followed faerie_h advice on photo resolution and set it to SUPER large. Took some test photos. One in each of the three poses I'm using. Well four as the first one was with and with out a light ball. The lighting in the cosmic gallery is much better then in the temple but a little bit did help. My wings don't stand out as much in this location either.

The photos are behind the cut. "Thumbnailed". Click to see the HUGE..and I mean 3072 x 2162 size orginals. They are untouched other then resizing down for the "thumbnail" which is a decent size as it is.

And Boy taking it that large SOOO does help the jaggies.

Now to find some great space areas where I can take photos no matter if its build or not. But I do like the Cosmic gallery a LOT.

Thoughts? Suggestions? SURLS?
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Lady Wolfsongladywolfsong on June 19th, 2009 01:25 am (UTC)
I like these better...I didn't comment on the others, but the moon being at the bottom, half out of the frame made it look wrong...not like a moon. I can't remember what word came to mind yesterday, but anyway these are good! *hugs*