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21 July 2009 @ 12:43 am
Getting out  
I've been pondering the past few weeks of getting out of the chicken business.

The price fixing is horrible, theres this one guy who puts his eggs WAY WAY lower then anyone else. Almost so low it makes selling eggs useless.

Small chicken farmers like me just can't compete with the larger ones. I have 12 chickens..some others have 100 or more scattered about Secondlife. I just cant keep up with their color variety and number of Scares and Ancients.

And then tonight a big YUCK happened.

I got my first Ancient. This was actually making me rethink getting out of the chicken business. They go for 3000+

So I set one up for auction. Only instead of putting the egg in the auction vendor I set it to the side cause they GLOW so pretty. I mean this sucker was BRIGHT.

At some point I accidentally clicked sell on the egg. ANd never changed the price.

this one guy came in and looked at the egg and auction. Left with out doing anything. shortly after another guy, obviously an alt when you look at the profile, came in and bought the egg. For 10L. THen logged off.

And of course the first guy denies that it was him.

I am really thinking of selling my flock. Especially my golden Rooster THOSE have been going for 35,000+!!

Current Mood: frustratedfrustrated