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27 July 2009 @ 12:35 am
Ok getting off my tail to post the massive amount of photos i have. I thought about doing just the galleries like I have in the past but some of these need a bit more explanation then that gives. So I'm doing posts like normal. Just, several of them, in theme!

We'll start with New Babbage! Some of this stuff goes WAY WAY back to ..umm..*checks the Ning* May.


Best shot I could Tenk riding about in a car and making people make Gnomemobel comments  Better photo here not taken by me


I ran into Timelords..and a slightly older steampunk Dexter and his sister

Cutest tourists EVER


OOHHH so hysterical random Gorean couple shopping.  I was laughing and going WTF why would you go shopping in this in a STEAMPUNK sim.


In the month of June and part of July there was a plot where Dr. O Took over New Babbage while Mayor Tenk took a RL vacation. I've got several shots from this event. Sadly, sorta, a lot of the BIG action for this plot took place while I was at my Renfaire Whitehart. So I missed the two big events that wrapped it up.

Scattered about the town where these Smashington bots. We had great fun decorating them!

*grins* Dr. O gave me one so I could turn it pink! *cackles*

The Salon for June was FAY..but it was more all about elves. Lunar and Tensi gave a talk and Tenk was "there" by way of some "magic"


The itty bitty Smashington is an avatar..I forget who that is.

Fox guy is Chess. The fox that held me at gunpoint back in May. Who's now become a very dear friend through odd turns of events.

he's really a sweetheart when he's not trying to be evil.

Lord Smashington! He's HUGE, as you can see.

Dr. O himself.

After the end of the plot Lord Smashington was..blown up and his head ended up in front of Ceejay's Cafe..

While the rest of him was in front of City hall where he had been standing.

Next two shots took place during the plot, but Had to do with Skyler's Duty First plot. Which I have no idea what's going on with anymore.

Some more randomness..

As a joke I got Nell a Slave Leigh outfit. The DAY I give her it someone leaves a tie fighter and a X wing in the Palisades. So we have a photo shoot!


This was some weird glitch that happened when Chess pulled something out. It amused me.

Babbage has expanded a few sims. I got some shots  of it during "sandbox" week when it was open for playing around in.

Its NOT an air kraken! Its a normal one that wanted to go above water for a bit.

*cackles* the Back to the Future train parked in the Ghostbusters Fire house.

View looking out at the water on Clockhaven Beach. Taken at several times of day.

An actual Air Kraken that is flying about in the skies. You can TRY to fight it..but I just died..

Random Chess

Just hanging out at the Teahouse

Black mail photos! I have NO idea why he was wearing this..but I got shots to tease him with later.

and the last bit of random

Sunken ship

Couple of Star Trek folk ..the shoes and the hat SOOO made the outfits!

Ambrose and Darian named their store Snervish...thanks to me. Snervish is a word from my IRC channel It has no meaning. When they asked what would be a good name for the shop..I piped up with it and they LIKED it..

And the latest photos' Of the Ball Lastnight. *checks time* erm Saturday night. It had a clockwork doll theme. I made myself a doll key and then never got a good shot of it! *facepalms*

Book was a paperdoll!


Breezy the hostess


Tenk looking all dressed up.

Wolf and her Wife. They are so CUTE.

Overhead shot


The baron's birthday cake..it blew up later.

Wolf is just the right size to dance with Tenk.

Its the Bimbetts! /end Beauty and the beast in joke...*the Bimbetts is the name of the blonds..in the musical they are called the Silly Girls, in the movie credits its the Bimbets :P

Apparently there was a forth in black I missed. The outfit is called Coppelia, after the Ballet about a Clockwork Doll.

Group shots

Blakopals fabulous new gown.

Another view of the barons cake.

More group shots.

Clockwork spider people! and apparently they CAN dance .

SHot of my  new hair. I love it. You click the jewelry and it falls down! I picked up several styles that did this in fact.

Clock work spider. And oh look! you can KINDA se my key..and the backside of Book.

The contest this time was a working alarm clock. There where only four entries..Second place had a tie..so all entries won!

This one wasn't all that loud. Sure looks like it should be!

You wear it!


Wolfs itty bitty Pocket watch that is LOUD LOUD LOUD!


And Ambrose's fabulous Clock! I love it and was sure he'd win when he asked me my opinion of it.

Breezy at the end..

Dancing with Darian. Didn't dance a whole lot. Though Id id dance with one Mr. Sherlock Holmes! I was supposed to go with Chess, but his player is an Aussie and got the dates mixed up. I wore a green gown as it was also his birthday and his Favorite color is green.

Messing about on this Carousel horse. Didn't like most of the poses but this one was decent enough.


My whole outfit sans key.

ANd that's all my Babbage shots. Next post Steelhead and my Shop!

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