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28 July 2009 @ 04:19 am
Steelhead post!

I have yet to go about and really take a lot of photos of Steelhead. It's a stunning set of sims, I'm just lazy :P

Anyway first up is my pretty little store.

I didn't build it, Lunar said a prefab I had was fine so I used it! and Tossed down a few fav trees. Ones with sits in them.

For inside it I found a fantastic steampunk living room set. I love the animation in them and the gears on the back turn!

wall of clothing for sale..

The chicken egg side, I'll still be selling these till I run out. Just wont be getting more, obviously.

A magical stump I found and put out front. The plant in the window you can see has been changed to a potted rose plant.

see..cute poses!

this ones called looking for change. I makes me giggle

The backyard.

I put the portal to my home inside a fairy mushroom circle.

I have this gazing ball out front. if you look in it the scene changes. I love it. I have one out in front of the house at home as well.

And that's my store.

Next up are some photos from when there was a "tiny dogfight" going on..everyone put on what are called Tiny avatars..IE little short things like Hatchies and stuff, and flew airplanes.

Tiny Lunar! Lunar owns the sims. Normally he's a very tall elf.

Tiny Baron Wulfenbach He's normally a taller human.

me and flying machines didn't get along so well. I crashed.. on the bottom of the port.

and yes..even here I have ..


This is my poor super bright glowing egg that got bought for far far less then it is worth.

And this is someone at the last Steelhead meeting. Sock monkey!

And that's all my steelhead for now...next up..Relay for life!

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Lady Wolfsong: faewolf 1ladywolfsong on July 28th, 2009 05:47 pm (UTC)
love your store. I love almost all your stuff...it's pretty, and your personality shines through.