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Disappearing places..

lotta places just up and vanishing of late in SL, I'm not talking about people leavening. but whole Sims or parts of sims.

I've been able to go to a few of them and took some shots before they disappeared forever..

This post is about the sim Black Swan, one of the last Rezzible sims about. It's gone now but I went during its last event Swan Song.

The big event was the special outfits many designers made to fit the theme of the last event, which was the four elements. Lots of water outfits..but Laughing academy, one of my favs..made an outfit for each element! And Evie's closet had a lovely water themed outfit too! Which I didn't think to take shots of me in while ON the sim..but I did take some of me in them in the sandbox I use.

I..honestly found the main part of the sim hard to navigate, there is no way to walk totally around it, I HAD to fly at many points. But it was very artist and different, as you'll see

Text under the photos explain them.

The shopping area

I think it was a runway for fashion shows..they had feather seats..ice runway and lava..

More of the shopping corner

Corner shot

The central statue

I guess its supposed to represent fire..


Though why it had a pendulum axe I dunno

Moving onto more water

More fire..and yes that’s a fetus in a placenta in the background.

Yeah I dunno WTF either..

The placenta baby again

The steps moved

shot of this statue that changed textures..


And I just realized I never got a good shot of the ballerina statue..

now for the gowns

Evie's Closets Melusine gown

The Laughing Academy's Elements

These gowns are lush and full and have a LOT of ways to wear them, I wore them in the fullest lushest way I could.

Oceanna - the water gown

Ouros - the air gown

Terra the earth gown

Candace Aflame - the fire gown

and that’s my shots of black swan

next up..Armada BURNNS BABY BURNS!!! *cackles*

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