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23 August 2009 @ 11:04 am
Armada burns..  
Ok..so technically the Armada breakaway sim is still about, but it went through a total overhaul. to take away the old build they had a RP event where it burned. It was awesome. there was dragons! And Dancing..but no one played Disco inferno..to my memory.

the entire build on the sim was in closed in a HUGE dome that was meant to be the eye of a storm..

this is what Armada used to look like, a collection of ships all tethered together, there was also a lot of underwater mer stuff.

I went to meet up with Ambrose, who was mered out so I went catfish..

more shots of the area..

Tesla coils!

the DJ

Ambrose poofed on me so I put on the Oceanna gown and went dancing

Then...the dragons arrived, no one I knew..*seawolf dragons so they where super slow to rez properly*

and they started to set fire to the ships

the storm eye went red with the flames for a bit!..so did the water..

I got asked to shift to dragon and try to help..I did..but ugh..so laggy the sculpts on the Seawolf dragon never rezzed..

smoldering ships...I had to go soon after this so I didn't get shots of the ships sinking or falling apart..and a sea serpent that apparently showed up..

and that's Armada's burning..

ANd now three things..

One..I am getting a new Graphics card WEEEE a VisionTek ATI RADEON HD 3650 1GB DDR2 Video Card . This will pair with our new faster Internet connection and I'm over 2 gigs of ram now..I hope it makes my SL experience a lot better!

two..I WAS going to enter The Caledon Rose-Growing Contest but my plans for this week have changed. I wont be able to get it made in time due a two day trip to St. Louis with my parents turning into a three day one with a side trip to Arkansas. Phoo..I was kinda looking forwards to mucking with my sculpt maps and making a rose. I have plans for tonight ..if I rush I MIGHT get something done but not counting on it.

And thirdly...I plan to make another attempt at entering a photo contest..Studio Sidhe is holding another one...they are the none Evie's closet half of the Moon Goddess one I attempted. This time its with astaff they made, its a held item so I can take shots anyplace! ANd wear what ever I want!

I am holding off from doing any big shoots till I get the new card..but I did play around in Chakryn some..warning HUGE images

Test shot one

Test shot Two

test shot three

Test shot four..

oh and a fourth thing..my settings have been going wonky of late. I had un installed a bunch of different viewers..including Cool Viewer, I switched to emerald and since CV isn't updating its builds anymore I figured it was time. When I did that POOF went my logs, my settings, everything. I didn't think I had deleted the parts they where kept in but I apparently did, And it transferred the cool settings to Emerald. Bit confused about that but..can't be helped, already deleted.

But the edges of these shots are not as smooth as the ones I took for the Moon goddess contest and I don't know why. Anyone have a clue? No I don't have any of my settings memorized, plus I am sure some will change with the new card.
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