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05 September 2009 @ 06:50 pm
Something wicked...  

Life's but a walking shadow, a poor player
That struts and frets his hour upon the stage
And then is heard no more: it is a tale
Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury,
Signifying nothing

I was going to post about the two soon to be gone if they aren't already Madpea games. But then I learned of a sim. And this is a sim that just WOWED me a lot.

Foul Whisperings Strange Matters *surl* is a sim based on the play Macbeth. It was designed to show, through sight and sound, Macbeth's decent into madness. My photos do NOT do this place justice. You HAVE to go see it and take the journey they have set up. Things move, you get things to read, you HEAR things. It’s just..wow.

They have a sight set up for it that gives a bit more info as well as teacher resources. http://virtualmacbeth.wikispaces.com/

I of course took a lot of photos, but trust me..TRUST ME, you need to go an experience this sim yourself. And go SOON, I have no idea if this is a temporary sim or if it will be around for a while.

Text about each photo will be above the photo.

Let's start with just a lot of pulled back aerial shots.

Also..newer faster better graphics cards ROCK.

This is where you start your journey. Click the fountain and you get several items. A notecard, an item to wear *and DO wear it trust me* texture and landmark. The texture shows you different icons you can click on to take you to different parts of the island. You can see one in this photo, it’s the little gray square at the bottom of the broken wall.

Your surrounded by fog and hear whispered words from the play. Floating about you are words from it as well.

I chose to do a bit of walking about before clicking on any of the icons.

They have a "moor" set up. For some reason I love this shot of me waist high in the grass.

Still not clicking the symbols!

This is one of three "stage sets" they have set up, you get to the other two by clicking the teleport near it. The thing with the masks.

Another ruins area. opposite corner from the landing point. When you enter here you hear quotes from the Witches.

Did a bit more wandering, down the hillside to the waters edge

HOW someone can just leave their boots behind is beyond me.

I've gone to anyplace I can get to without flying. So now it’s time to start the journey. I click the icon with the crown and I'm teleported up to the top of the rock head thing.

A raven greets me at the top of some stairs. There is an option to TP to the bottom. But for once I choose to use the stairs. Since I paused and panned about a lot I didn't have my usual spiral stair issue.

Down down I go into Macbeth's madness..

all shots taken of the room while I was still on the stairs. you could hear voices whispering.

The ghosts milled about.

The book you see at the bottom of one of the columns is a teacher’s guide you can click to get a notecard to help you learn more about what your seeing. And to give you questions to pose to yourself or students about what you see and hear.

Finely at the bottom..now to go to the dresser thing. The notecard called it Lady Macbeth's wunderkammer. It "signifies Lady Macbeth's influence in the play and inside Macbeth's head. The cabinet holds symbolic objects that represent the influences on Lady Macbeth."

each item makes a different sound when you touch it.

spilled wine at the foot of the steps

Touch it and you read this.

Now onto the throne. All the photos in the room have different people that portrayed Macbeth in them. Except the two on either side of the throne. Those are set so you can put one of yourself in it.

I put a cropped version of this in it.

Now to the apparitions.

They speak, and whey the speak their face flickers white and a animated face appears.

I pass through the apparitions to the porter. He also speaks.

And looks a bit like Burt Reynolds

He stands between two gateways...one path bright with flowers..

The other dark and foreboding. I choose to go down this one..

The hallway is narrow..

and leads to a dark hallway.

That leads to a way out....I chose the narrow and dark path of Enlightenment. To a what if section..what if Macbeth had made different decisions on what to do..

Clicking the puzzle icon takes you to "what if island."

But I chose to walk/fly

This would be what if island..

I'm not sure if the blue water is supposed to be there or if its litter..

entering the island...on it are different things representing themes..as well as more of those teaching books..

I flew back to the tunnel and went up to go down the flower path..the path of temptation..

Which quickly turned sour..there is more whispering here.

At the end of the tunnel is another raven, this time large and on a pyre

You hop onto the raven for a ride. Which if you stay close you hear sounds. I rode him twice, once in mouselock once to get photos. I don't know how to take photos in mouselock.

You land back in front of the eye thing. You click the question mark and you get given the same stuff the fountain gave you. You click the dagger symbol and you enter....

the Chamber of Blood..

There is more whispering here, and after taking a few steps, as long as you have the attachment on..you start attacking the apparitions with a dagger now in your hands..

There is a portal in the middle to click to get out..and it takes you from a world of red..to a world of white..and a maze...

I actually found my way through the maze way faster than I thought I would and entered the last part...the Cube of Nothingness. Where your avatar is beheaded...your AO might fight this, Mine did so I turned it off. I THINK I also turned it off for the fighting in the chamber of blood as well. but I can't remember.

Yeah it looked a little odd with my hair and kitty head so I detached them...and headed to the way out..its more than a little weird seeing your avatar without a head..

And I ended back up in the Moor..

But that's not all there. I went to look at the other performance spaces..not Really sure how this one would work well with all the posters about, including some in front of the seating..

There is a prop box with some freebies in it, including this sword..

Which also has a smaller dagger you hold and an animation..

The third performance space..looked about the same as the second, only the set piece as different and there were no posters.

And..that is the sim. GO TO IT NOW. I deliberately left out lots of things and my own personal feelings so you can have your own experience with it.

Annndd now I want a Midsummer themed sim.

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