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24 September 2009 @ 01:08 am
Disappearing places ...Firefly  
There's going to be several posts in a row, not RIGHT after another but  within a few hours apart. Why? I really have WAY WAY to many photos and need to post them to clear the way for MORE photos at several locations I plan to explore soon.

So to start off I have my photos of the now ..or soon to be ..vanished Mad Peas Game Firefly. No relation to the fabulous TV show.

I found this game a lot easier then Within. But still challenging, I had to ask for help a few times when I got stuck. But it was fun and the build was just amazing.  It's got a really nice story to it as well.

I had tried to do this game several times. Getting STARTED is what kept getting me confused. Why? The web page took you to one place, but you really had to start at another. This will be explained in the photos.

text above photos is about the one bellow it.

I felt like being stylish and wearing an outfit I had picked up during Relay for life. The hat SPARKS and the pock watch chimes on the hour.

Whooolleee lotta cleavage though.


This is where I thought you started at. But if you click the gate it tells you that you need a key. I had NO idea where to go and the times i asked in the past people weren't all that helpful. This time, probably due to it being taken down soon. People where..

Just trying to get a shot of the sparking tesla effect the hat has..

Shots of the whole game build at this area.

Anyway, I get told to go to the main Madpeas headquarters and that the start is there near the telescope.

Here's the REAL start...

And this sign takes you to the different areas you need to collect the items needed to make the phone give you the clues and the key for the gates.

Music area

Picnic area

Lake area

Piano bar

Back to the phone. It works now! I get the clues and other items needed..

Back to the gates. I kept switching between keeping it dark like they suggested to and having it set to midday. I found out during the NEXT game I did that my monitor settings had the brightness down WAY low, which explains why I've had issues seeing at night on Secondlife..

Anyway, neat water effect... you try to save the lady and......fall down into a hole, that is shown several photos down. the next few are night shots of the game area.

This is down in the hole

You break the mirror!!

And get your first dream catcher..

Now I step inside the big building..

Loottss of creepy wormy things with TEETH

there's a tall spiral staircase you walk up. eventually you get to these crystals. OMG the one in the middle had an AMAZING animation inside it..

See the guy? He MOVES..and is correctly angled for each facet of the crystal..

Sitting inside random mouth ball thing..


you collect several crystals and once you have them all you use them up here and each one makes  a different color appear..

Then swirls...

and another dream catcher!


Up to a spooky dark forest. Where I REALLY wish I had realized my monitor settings where borked. I could see NOTHING up there. Not even when wearing a light ball..

creepy ghost guy thing..

You do get to pick up a neat jar of fireflies..

Creepy alien guy gives you a clue..

and in the middle of the maze is this!

With another dream catcher.

yes i sat in it :P

Out of the dark maze you next go into a worm tunnel, Mouselock a MUST here to get though the thing properly

You arrive in a room with a moon..

and once you figure out the trigger...a pit opens up...

and you fall into a chamber with a bunch of Furthark runes about..

using the dream catchers you activate them...colors on the floor!

and finish the game!

you get Tp'd home at the end..and had  a chance to figure out a bonus round. which wasn't hard and I did so.

And that was Mad Pea Games Firefly..Fun game Shame it had to go.

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