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Disappearing places ...Swamp Motel

Moving right along ..*doog-a-doon doog-a-doon*...

Next up, Mad Peas Swamp Motel. This one was SUPER easy and I did it with NO help at al, and all in an afternoon. Go me!  And the surl on the web sight took me to the RIGHT starting point!

The starting point was however...in knee deep WATER!  Also this is pre new graphics card so the water doesn't look as pretty as it does now. However down in the watery motel is how I discovered my brightness setting was WAY to low. With the dark wall papers and the water I missed a LOT of the stuff you needed till I upped it to 50%

Starting point! SPLASH DOWN!

Ugh water!

The foyer, This is a touch everything you can game. So I started doing that..also took some photos for reference in case I needed something from the item that was a texture and not given to me later. Which..I Did..

Fuse box! Dangerous with all this water..

The big thing is an elevator to other floors and other games.

Done exploring the office..its to the room!

First room

Door to the second room is locked and a whole is boarded up. Used a sledge hammer found in the first room to break it down!

Umm..ignore the pink dots..those are mine and not the game..


yeah you could lay on the beds.

another room..

with a tub with a..bomb meteor thing in it..

washing my hands..

Vibrating bed!

the gramophone plays and the chair rocks..ON ITS OWN! *makes spooky woooeeeooo noises*

Found a bunch of items...then blew up the briefcase...

I..do not remember what this is a photo of...might have turned reflections on for a bit just to get it..

I was having trouble figuring things out..but being stubborn and not asking..did take a ride in the elevator..

then figured out how to turn the tvs on..

That got me some clues ...next up..using the ice bucket to dump ice on the bomb thing..


done enough times..makes a giant swirly portal thing appear!

which takes you down down..and to a place with ZOMBIES! and a plank with nails to kill them with..

escaping up the stairs..up and out!

and away from the motel! Alive and WET...WET FAE CAT ! *shakes off water*

a week or so ago i managed to be on at the same time as Mad peas did a call out for folk to come and be in a video..so did..and I killed more zombies in a farewell to Swamp Motel

you can see it here..

And that's the end of the swamp Motel.

I started the Kaos effect, but not done with it and its not vanishing so..not to worried about it. but its HARD and I'm stuck, so I'll work on it more

anndd I just found four photos from the vid shoot!


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