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Disappearing places - Sanitarium Island

So..I was going to just put all the photos from this sim that I took. Then I realized I had WELL over a hundred of them so decided it would be better to do the thumbnail page link thing...

Sanitarium Island is the name of the sim. and it is a fairly good recreation of the world of the Movie Repo, the genetic opera. I was most impressed with the "paintings" in the Wallace home.

The sim had the blessing of the creators of the film. I even heard once that the role of the Graverobber was played by Terrance Zdunich himself when he was in world! No idea if that is true but it's rather neat if it is.

It's an RP sim, and is going away due to lack of rperes. The owners don't feel it's getting enough traffic to keep it up. So if you want to go take a look at it go SOON. *surl*

Over the course of three days it took me to take all these photos I never saw ANYONE. And I've got a thing that tells me if anyone else is in the sim. So it was just me.

Sanitarium Island photos
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