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30 September 2009 @ 06:37 pm
Babbage post!  

Mostly from a couple of dances. I haven't really been about Babbage as much as I have in the past of late. Personal reasons that I don't want to go into.



First up from the dance back in August, which had an orient express theme. I went all out and even changed "breeds" for it!


This next shot made me amused..the dance ball had a KISSING animation in it! So I ended up Snogging Chess..

The build contest was train engines..

now this is a HAT

Star swing..

ANd me in my outfit. See, Siamese!!


Look..REFLECTIONS! Yeah for new graphics card.


THey had an "evil" party in Dr. O's lab.

Moses was quite spectacular, only he also putt off a cloud of red stuff..I kept teasing him about having evil Gas.

Dr. O Returns!

The red queen dress and a change of wing colors is as evil as I get..

not dead just fainted..

Bit of WTF

Vash all grown up!

Would you believe this is only 1 prim?

I have no idea why he's making this face..it just cracked me up

Did a bit of exploring in the deep, found this..

ANd this!



and that's it for now..

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